Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Finally (haha) finals are done. Over. My grades came in last week and I passed all of my classes, thankfully. (I did not want to take Biology again!) I was unable to sing any of my solos in choir Sunday or Monday, sadly, but that's okay because I have to take choir again next semester anyway so I'll just do solo's then. :)

I will do a christmas post full of cheesy christmas/chanukuh/kwanza stuff (while hopefully not offending people!) sometime next week because next week is christmas week oh my gosh christmas is just over a week away people!!!!! :)

Happy holidays till then!

- Cali

Friday, December 5, 2014


I'm in Chior at school and I need to be able to sing by tomorrow or I can't sing my solos on sunday and possibly monday (monday is the FINAL. And I need to be able to SING).

To clarify: my allergies(?) decided to start acting up on wednesday, so yesterday I wasn't able to sing. Today I can sortof sing but if I can't tomorrow . . .

Thursday, November 27, 2014



Apple pies are done:

Lydia made them, mostly without a recipe but with help from mom.

Pumpkin pies are done:

made by me.

Our turkey is defrosting, and the rolls will be made by mom (with help from Sue?) sometime today.

So here are some pictures to think about xD : 


SO . . . 

Comment what YOU are thankful for. And think about this:

Because if something like that ^ happened we wouldn't be ready for what we would lose. We don't thank Him enough.


So I am thankful, in no particular order, for the family He sent me to, the friends I've met, the ability to talk and sing, the air we breath, the ability to read, food, a house, horses and awesome neighbors, music, technology, and prayer. 

- Cali

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



To clarify, I went over to my neighbors house and *Ann said I could come over when she took care of the horses and I got to brush one and it was awesome and I'm super excited and going back on saturday (it being a holiday tomorrow they won't be in town). And she said she'd help me with riding and stuff and OH MY GOSH I can't wait.

Could you tell that I haven't ridden a horse since I was about 12 and that I really want to ride one again? Yeah? Good. 

- Cali

*name changed because I don't have permission to use her actual name and duh.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Uncle Karl

This was my Uncle Karl and his wife, my Aunt Carmen:
My uncle Karl died on October 31st, 2014. He went into the hospital with too high levels of CO2. The michine that is supposed to take the CO2 out didn't work on him. His funeral was yesterday, November 11th, 2014.

I wrote this song the night he was sent back into the hospital on October 27th.

Still Have You

We've lost friends and family too, but through it all we still have you. Our lives can change or stay the same with one constant light that shows the way. We still have you: 

As our savior and our king in you we will always believe. Though times are hard, and our spirits down we have your comforter around. Whenever we're in need all we need to do is pray and believe, ‘cause you are in our hearts and always will be our savior and our king.

Right now it's hard to feel your love, and my strength is not enough; to hold me up ‘cause I am down and darkness presses all around. We still have you:

As our savior and our king in you we will always believe. Though times are hard, and our spirits down we have your comforter around. Whenever we're in need all we need to do is pray and believe, ‘cause you are in our hearts and always will be our savior and our king.

Even though the rain pours down on me, because of you I can pull through and know that there is light and truth. We still have you ohh ohh, we still have you oooohhohhohh. 

We still have you:

As our savior and our king in you we will always believe. Though times are hard, and our spirits down we have your comforter around. Whenever we're in need all we need to do is pray and believe, ‘cause you are in our hearts and always will be our savior and our king.

And though the rain is pouring down, and the weight of the world pushes me to the ground, I’ll be okay, look up and say: "Savior, I need your strength today". We still have you:

As our savior and our king in you we will always believe. Though times are hard, and our spirits down we have your comforter around. Whenever we're in need all we need to do is pray and believe, ‘cause you are in our hearts and always will be our savior and our king.

We still have you.
We still have you.

This is the recording I made of myself singing this. All my love to Aunt Carmen and my cousins: Robert, Erin, Michelle, and Julia.

Still Have You

- Cali

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I get a calling and give a talk in church.

I got called as the Nursery Leader!! :D
Before I post my talk, let me explain something about my church. Every Sunday -except the first Sunday of each month - we have at most/least three people giving talks. People from the ward (congregation) are asked to give these talks by the bishop (kind-of like a pastor), so the bishop is never the only person to speak in church.

My talk:
Smile! Mom loves you. :) (I put this on every talk – and have ever since mom wrote it on one of my talks when I was younger).

Hello! My name is Kalani Kelly, and my family moved into the ward a few weeks ago. I am the oldest of ten and was home schooled until last summer, when I started duel-credit at college. I love to read, sing, and I love kids – which is good, because I was called as the nursery leader last week.

I’m the designated “youth speaker” today – because neither of my parents can be youth speakers – and my talk is on Standing in Holy Places - probably because I was wearing a shirt with Stand in Holy Places on it when he asked me to give this talk. The youth theme last year, D&C 87:8, says: “Wherefore, Stand ye in Holy Places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord.”

For girl’s camp every year in the Richmond Stake, there is usually a song that is connected to the theme in some way that we would sing throughout the week. Last year we didn’t really have a set song, but the song I think of as our song for the week was “Stand In Holy Places” by Jenny Jordan Frogley. I’ve written down the lyrics and am going to read them.

“In a sea of shifting values, tossed on every wave; while the winds wail around me, I will not be afraid; to call out for my Captain to calm the waves in me, when I stand a little taller, it’s only then I finally see:
I stand in holy places, protected from the storm. Anchored safe in harbor, though my sails are ripped and worn; I stand in holy places, and I will not move until the Captain comes, and says well done, he is the hope I hold on to in holy places.
There is a harbor in his holy house, an anchor in his grace; that steadies in the waves of doubt, and in every holy place. No matter where I travel, his spirit’s guiding me; with the Lord as my Captain, there is a peaceful port in me.
I stand in holy places, protected from the storm. Anchored safe in harbor, though my sails are ripped and worn; I stand in holy places, and I will not move until the Lord has come, and says well done, he is the hope I hold on to . . .
I stand in holy places, protected from the storm. Anchored safe in harbor, though my sails are ripped and worn; I stand in holy places, and I will not move until the Lord has come, and says well done, he is the hope I hold on to in holy places. Holy places.”
I want to do that – stand strong in holy places with Heavenly Father as my Captain. In 2002, Sharon G. Larsen gave a talk about standing in holy places, and said, quote:
“Standing in holy places is all about being in good company, whether you are alone or with others. It’s being where the Holy Ghost is our companion – alone or in a crowd. When we determine within ourselves that we will control our thoughts and our actions and be the best we can possibly be, the best of life will come to us. A holy place is where we feel safe, secure, loved, and comforted. That’s how it was in our heavenly home. Standing in holy places and being in good company bring feelings of how it must have been in that home we left behind, the home that seems so far away at times.”
Unquote. The Lord wants us to stand in holy places – he says so in D&C Section 101, verse 22 “Behold, it is my will, that all they who call on my name, and worship me according to mine everlasting gospel, should gather together, and stand in holy places.” He loves us and I’m pretty sure he knows that standing in holy places – standing for what you believe in – can be hard, especially when you think you are alone – but the thing is we aren’t alone.
We have a Heavenly Father who loves us, a Savior who gave his life for us, and the Holy Ghost – whom Heavenly Father sent to be with anyone who needs it. And if you need the Holy Ghost, we’ve been told he will come. It’s hard to be the only member at school – or to feel like you are, when your Mormon friends aren’t living the standards you are – but like I said, even if we feel alone, our Heavenly Father is there for us. At school I Stand in Holy Places by sharing my beliefs when asked about them, dressing modestly, and standing for what I believe in. Just the other day, one of my choir friends, Nancy, who usually waits for choir with me after lunch, asked me about our church and our beliefs. She was curious, but after I shared the Articles of Faith with her she started comparing them to the beliefs of her faith and other faiths. I decided to change the subject to something else – but I hope I’ll be able to talk to her about it again another time.
President Thomas S. Monson has a favorite rhyme that he learned in primary which he said in a General Conference talk in 2011:
“Dare to be a Mormon;
Dare to stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm;
Dare to make it known.”

So we are to Stand in Holy Places, at school, at home, and anywhere else we may be. If we do this, dare to be Mormons, or, really, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we will be blessed. If we stand alone but together for truth and righteousness, for what we believe in, and Stand in Holy Places anytime, anywhere, we will be blessed. We can make our purpose known. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Cali

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moved In Plus Cats

We finally moved in to our house on tuesday - and early friday morning (and by early I mean really early as in we finally stopped around three in the morning). The person who used to own the house took care of dogs or something and there are little stairs leading up to my window - and stairs with a platform inside my room. It's really annoying, but what is more annoying is that my bed doesn't fit where I wanted it too and so it's shoved between the platform thing and Becca's bed. I cannot wait until we get that thing fixed and GONE. In the meantime, neither me nor Becca can unpack anything.

On the bright side I have no more PREM to be tortured by, and no school next friday (it's the professors birthday weekend and she, quote,"doesn't want to have to see us". . well then).

Trying to get all of our cats over here is hard - we don't know where a favorite cat is (my theory: the old neighbors used to "get rid of" our cats by sending them to the pound or something - those neighbors really didn't like our cats) and she's been missing for more than a month, so. . . :( Another cat might have kittens might not - we really don't know!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

This School . . . Problems . . . And Missing Mission Bend

For Work Study, I'm supposed to go to this orientation, right? First of all, I went to the wrong one (the actual school orientation - it doesn't say anywhere what orientation I needed to go to. A new WS orientation is scheduled for next Friday, thankfully). Then I find out that I've got the job - but I need the paperwork from the WS orientation before I can work or I'll be seen as volunteering (which I really don't want), and the application paperwork. So of course I fill out the wrong application paperwork (it was the form I was told to fill out).

On top of the Work Study stress, this week I had to (because I didn't have the foresight to plan this, stupid me) do seven hours of math on Tuesday and Thursday, on top of the hour and a half of Math 0306 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the four hour PREM-Math on Fridays. Because in the four hour class I have to do 32 hours of online study which I of course forgot until last Friday. Ugh. Also my 0306 Professor was surprised that people were still taking the PREM class and didn't know that it is apparently required. Also, where we are in my normal math class is definitely not where I'm apparently supposed to be in PREM. I'm taking the math class because I need to learn math. Some people apparently don't get that people take a math class because they need to learn math, NOT BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW MATH. On the bright side, at least I finished those stupid hours today!

I also have a math test tomorrow (PREM), and a Biology exam tomorrow. Next Monday I have a Math exam, and next Wednesday I have a Psycology exam. Why.

On top of all that, we went to our new branch on Sunday and I stayed in the nursery with Rachel because I didn't want to face Sunday school and RS, because - believe it or not - I am actually sometimes shy with new people - especially new people who aren't acting very friendly. In my last ward, one of my now best friends, Kat, on our first day there came up and introduced herself. In the branch, the only people who really came up to me were the children I helped take care of in nursery and the nursery people.
My poor YW sister's have to fix another clique ward (almost every ward since Pampa has had cliques in the YW's that, - it feels like - because we moved in, went away or were fixed). At least in our last few wards I could help (I wish I was still in YW's - sometimes). I mean, I love all my peoples even with the cliques, but it really is much better when the cliques are gone. I hope Natalie and Lydia can do in this ward what we did in my last ward - though I don't know that we did much of anything other than move in and be ourselves. In my last ward our YW's group became such a wonderfully tight-knit family after the Johnson's accident, it's just another reason moving is so hard. I already miss them so much and we haven't even technically moved out of the ward and stake yet - house wise, at least.

And on top of everything else, the house was supposed to close last Wednesday, but things kept popping up and the closing was moved to Friday and things kept popping up - we are hopefully closing this Saturday (please, please, please, house people; let us close) - so THINGS BETTER NOT POP UP!!!!

- Cali

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chior and Math Books

So in my chior class (my obviously favorite class - singing!!!) I met two mormons! Morgan and Samantha. Morgan is in the Katy stake and Samantha (a convert! Yay!!) goes to the bering building. :) It was so cool!
Also, in chior we actually talk to people - most of us get there at least twenty minutes early - so we get to know each other much better than we would in a different class. There are only about sixteen people in my chior class, so we'll know each others names pretty soon. xD

I've decided not to carry my superduper heavy math book to school. I'm going to leave most of it at home (it has loose-leaf pages) and only take what I might need of it from that day. It's way too heavy, especially if I bring my laptop as well - which I usually do.

On tuesday I got to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my sister Natalie and Lydia, and our friend Katherine (Kat!), and our mom. IT WAS EPIC. The movie and being able to hang out with Kat before my family moves. Our new house will be only twenty minutes from her school though, so we will be able to go see Kat in her school plays/musicals much easier. :)

- Cali

Sunday, August 24, 2014

School Starts . . . Tomorrow

So school starts tomorrow, unfortunately. My math book ways at least 50 pounds (in my opinion) and I do not want to have to get the other two books I'll have to carry around with it. Ugh.

My tumblr is on hiatus as of today, as are a few other things. The only page I'll really update there is my countdowns.

Good luck to all you people starting school tomorrow! At least you don't have to wake up at five in the morning because of time restraints and your siblings having a class at six. Oh well, I guess I'll live.

- Cali

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Branch - No, Not a Tree Branch, a Church Branch

So we are moving to a new area which means same church new people. A ward is basically a small area of people (a congregation), and a stake is made up of a few wards. A branch is smaller than a ward. We are going to visit the branch tomorrow - we want to check it out just in case - and that means waking up earlier than usual on sundays. Grr. Oh well, we'll figure it out. Somehow.

- Cali

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I hate registering for classes. First of all, every single time I've ever registered or tried to I was late in the year, so I either couldn't find classes or was left with extremely weird times. So stressful. Ugh. And this time it isn't my fault that I'm registering now - we didn't know where we were moving so I couldn't register at a normal time.

To add to that I was tested on Math today and, of course, failed. So I have to take a PREM (basically prep testing for math) and a Math class. Great. I was told to take Psycology, Biology, PREM, and Math. I've found all of the others, basically, but the Biology class times are weird. And super annoying. Ugh. All of the times are in the afternoon, and I've never had an afternoon class - cause I really don't want to and I have to be able to work. We figured it out though. I am a little happy because I found out that I can take a CHOIR class. xD Yay! Singing! <3

And back to not so happy because I apparently can't enroll in either of the Math classes until I get "approved" by a counselor, which is so annoying because I've seen the counselors already - maybe twice today - to give them the results from my Math test and I have no clue why they didn't approve it then! Seriously, it takes at least an hour of waiting before we finally see a counselor. Ugh.

But we got everything worked out and I am now enrolled at HCC. Finally.

- Cali

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Miss Mutual

I know two posts today is probably a little much, but I can’t help it.

I MISS MUTUAL!!! (If you don’t know what that is it’s when YM and YW – youth between the ages of 12 and 18 – get together to hang out and play games and learn spiritual stuff, either combined: YM and YW together; joint: just YM or just YW; and classes: where you go into age groups 12-13, 14-15, 16-18). I’m 18 and have graduated from highschool, so I can’t go anymore. :(

So I miss it, which is partially why I’m here tonight (I was hanging out with my 18 months younger sister, Natalie, and one of our friends, which is the other reason I’m here).

Tonight the YW are playing games – there will be a spiritual message afterwards, of course (prepared by Kat – our friend – though her older sister helped a bit). Some of the games I’ve mostly heard of while others shall be interesting to watch. xD
The first game was “Mingle, Mingle, Mingle”. You walk around saying “mingle, mingle, mingle” ect. until the announcer calls a number. You then go into groups of that number. Done.
Then they played “The Floor Is Lava”. There are two teams and, basically, the floor is lava and you can’t touch the floor or you burn. You are given a hoolahoop, a plate, a thin stick, and two or so chairs to get across the gym or wherever you are without dying. Whoever reaches the end first wins.
Next was “Woman, Hunter, Bear”. Also two teams. The woman chases the hunter, the hunter chases the bear, the bear chases the woman. The objective is to get all of the players on one team.
Next was “Walk & Talk”. You pair up with someone you don’t know very well, walk around, and talk to each other about each other in order to find three things that you have in common.

The last game they played was a communication and team building game “Building Towers”. They got into teams of five - three teams in all - and started building. Whoever builds the highest tower wins, basically. Some people are given stipulations (stuff they can't do) like one person wasn't able to speak and another couldn't use their dominant hand.

That is basically what they did. xD I watched. 

Kat basically said not to worry about labels and how people label you. "You can be whoever you wanna be and no one can say otherwise. We shouldn't be stuck in our own bubbles." While I was still in YW's we were talking a lot about introverts and extroverts and how they are different. Kat was I think trying to remind them that each of us is special and that no matter what labels people give us we should always remember who we are - we are Daughters of God. We are princesses in His kingdom. We can do anything we put our minds too - especially if we use Heavenly Fathers help. 

- Cali 

School Is Annoying

I mentioned in my last post that because we are moving I am changing schools, moving from WCJC to HCC. Now this wouldn't be too bad  except I am transfering - I have enough college credit hours to transfer. As I was homeschooled, at WCJC I had to be tested on my Reading, Writing, and Math skills. I completely failed the Math portion, so HCC tells me I have to get tested for Math. 

Of course I have to get tested for Math - aka: pure evil. In trying to get out of having to be tested - since I know that I'm going to fail the test, as we haven't been doing Math since last summer (and yes, that is my fault) - we bring my test scores from WCJC. Of course I passed the Reading and Writing portions - by at least ten points, thank you - so I absolutely don't have to take tests for those. But we find out that HCC doesn't use Compass testing anymore and so I have to get re-tested for Math. Ugh. 

Wish me luck! I'm seriously going to need it. 

- Cali

Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving . . . Again.

It has been confirmed - my family is moving again. To Brookshire, TX. Sounds cute, looks country (yay!! We love the country and super miss it). I was surprised to find I'm actually sort-of okay with the fact that we will be moving again. I say that I hate moving - and I do, I really do - but this time I am kinda glad. I will hate leaving my friends and having to make new ones - my being in Relief Society now doesn't help (I'm just now getting used to being in RS, and that's just because some friends are down from school for the month) - and to make things worse we are moving into a branch! I'm afraid that my family will double the branch, as there are twelve of us. We will bring one nursery, five more primary kids, two Young Women, a Young Man, two RS, and my dad. I don't know how small the branch will be. When my family lived in Pampa, TX (in the panhandle), our ward was tiny and we literally did double everything then. I'm hoping the branch will be somewhere in-between Pampa and the ward we are in now - not almost overflowing but not tiny.

Something I think is good about the move is that I will be changing schools - instead of going to WCJC - Sugarland Campus, I'll be going to HCC - Northeast/Katy Campus. While WCJC was good in the fact that I know people who've gone to that exact campus and that it was already connected to the college that I one day want to actually go to - BYU-I. I'll just have to find out whether or not HCC is connected as well. I'm not sad to be leaving my WCJC friends behind - I was going to try and drop most of the ones from last semester anyways. I will miss two of the teachers though - Dr. Lester (the music teacher) and Mrs. Matejceck (the aerobics teacher). Dr. Lester was fun to annoy (and funny when annoying us) and a good teacher on top of that; Mrs. Matejceck was just fun.

Another thing I'll miss about WCJC was that there was a library right next door. Literally. It took maybe three minutes to walk from the class building to the library. It was awesome. I went to the library every day I was there - which was about every other day. The library in the . . town where we are moving is small to say the least - though not as small as the library in the last place we lived, Shepherd. Now that was small. Tiny even. The library in Brookshire is, as far as I remember being told when I visited, only connected to one other library. I bet that by next summer I will have gotten through all of the good books in the Brookshire library and a quite a few from the other one. Oh well.

A good thing about Brookshire is that it is in the country. I found it was slightly - very slightly - cooler as a side affect, and we might be getting chickens and bees. Because . . . we will be living on an acre of land. Thank goodness, more running space for the kids, they'll be outside more. xD Not that I'm complaning about them being noisy, I'm used to that (unless I'm stuck in a car with what seems like thousands of screaming little ones), sort-of. It has come to the point where I feel weird if there isn't some sort-of background noise - I can't imagine somewhere quiet. Yet.

Because the room arrangements are epic - I'm going to have the twin I named (or helped name, however you want to think of it), Rebecca, as the other person in my room, instead of Natalie. Now, I love Natalie, don't get me wrong, it's just that she takes my space sometimes. Becca I've roomed with once before - she was much younger then, as we still lived in Utah, and is turning 9 at the end of this month (wow) - because of nightmares, I think. A fun thing about rooming together and us actually going to be owning the house is we get to paint the room - and while Natalie and I like clashing colors (the shade of blue I wanted, and the shade of green she wanted definitely didn't go together), I can definitely agree with Becca and blue. Natalie is going to be sharing with Lydia and Susan (Sue is the twin Natalie named or helped name) and they will all probably agree on colors easier than Natalie and I were when we thought we would be sharing the same room again. Raymond and Benjamin are still sharing, which is sort-of obvious as they are the only boys (other than dad but he usually doesn't count) I am a little frightened about one of the other rooming arrangements though - Abigail, Hannah, and the baby, Rachel, all together. I really hope they all survive. ;)

If the neighbors are friendly and actually like us (unlike the neighbors where we live now) we might get to ride horses. Okay, so that might just be a dream of mine and the younger girls', but can you blame me? I haven't ridden a horse since Pampa at least, though probably before that. I love horses (cue girlish sigh - shut up!). Also if the neighbors like us there is a possibility we might get cow or goats milk or cheese that hasn't been destroyed by store chemicals. Haven't had that since I think . . . when we were in Utah. But then there are a lot of things we haven't had since Utah, so.

These are honestly all my feelings on the matter - well, all the feelings and thoughts I can think of at one in the morning (honestly, I stay up too late, but i'm letting myself slide one last week before going back to normal). xD

Being in Brookshire is overall not sounding like too bad of a thing. Well . . . for me, at least.

- Cali 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Modest Is (Most Definitely) AWESOME

As a Young Woman of 17 I can't tell you how hard it is sometimes to not use/fall to society norms. That super cool short skirt, or those darling cropped shorts or the tank top that EVERYONE seems to be wearing.

Every single time I have been asked about my modesty I've been asked why I would ever wear something like what I was wearing. And I always say that I prayed about how short of a skirt felt right, or if I would wear that dress with the low neckline. I've been told by my friends that they prayed about their choices in modesty as well. I have some friends who wear what I consider short skirts to church or dances. But just because I consider their skirt short doesn't mean they do. They prayed about their decision just like I prayed about mine, and their definition of short is different than mine. In my experience everyone has their own choice to make about the matter with God's help through prayer. Or, if you don't pray that's okay. Whatever you are comfortable with is your decision.

For prom last year I found this beautiful dress that I really really wanted to buy. The neckline was maybe a little short, but the sleeves were non-existent. We looked everywhere for something that looked good under or over it, but nothing worked. So, we bought fabric that matched the dress and I spent hours cutting sleeves and putting cloth in the neckline so that it would fit my standards. On the night of the prom, though, and on the other occasions when I have worn that dress, I've been complimented so many times on the dress. When I told people there were no sleeves on the dress when I bought it they were shocked. I hear comments such as "I would never have known if you hadn't said something", "I see no difference at all are you sure you made those and put them on?", "No way!", and "wow I can't believe you made those, the dress is gourgeous!" every single time I wear the dress.

My mom has always told me to pray about my modesty and so I have. Our parents ideas do sometimes influence our own though, just like some of her modesty ideas have. For skirts I have always been taught to kneel on the floor and, if the skirt doesn't touch the floor, it isn't long enough. I have very few skirts that are above the knee (maybe one or two), and absolutely none of my dresses are. I have no sleeveless dresses, or if I do I wear something over them or underneath if it looks better. I don't wear tank-tops unless I have something underneath or over them, because it feels weird to me. I don't roll up the sleeves of my shirts for the same reason. The necklines of my shirts and dresses aren't showing. My moms rule for shirts is that if you lift your arms and you can see your stomach the shirt is too short. I don't wear shorts unless they go to the knee or as a cover-up for a swimsuit. I have a one piece swimsuit and a tankini that covers my back and doesn't show my stomach.

These are my ideas of modesty. I'm not saying these should be everyone's ideas, they are just mine. You might agree with me on some points, but then again, you might not. But that's okay because everyone is different. I'm not forcing my standards onto you. (If you feel that I am, sorry!)

The idea for this post came from reading and commenting on this blog post: Modest is Hottest 

- Cali