Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Freemont 33

Monday we went to mini golf and played laser tag. :) sister Smith finished packing.

Tuesday we weighed Sister Smiths luggage for the last time. Went to transfers, where I picked up Sister Hughes. We went home and she unpacked for a bit. She knows ASL and so we will be a little more involved with that. We cleaned our old apartment. Went to institute.

Wednesday was District Meeting. We played the how well do you know your companion game. xD Went to viola blythe. Went finding (aka we walked around our neighborhood and talked to people). Had language study because of the ASL thing. Went on splits so Sis Hughes could go to the ASL class while I taught bible study.

Tuesday we continued cleaning the old apartment. Went to ACS.Went contacting. A new finding idea: SINGING WHILE CONTACTING. This is going to work. :) visited people.

Friday we finished cleaning the apartment. Helped Sister Price. Went to Sister Hoskins. Created finding ideas. Went to an ASL activity where we matched pictures of temples and prophets with their names. Went to Youth Sports. No one arrived. Worked on finding ideas.

Saturday we had zone sports. Had a meeting with President and Sister Mella about how we are going to work with the people from india. :) Went contacting. Did Weekly Planning. Had language Study. Went to correlation.

Sunday we went to church. Saw Bhoomi. did studies.

We've had a pretty fun week so far. :) 

Hope everyone has an amazing week! 

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

Monday, February 15, 2016

Freemont 32

My amazing companion Sister Smith is leaving.  And Sister Hughes is
coming to be my new comp.

Monday we helped clean an appartment. Went to a goodbye party put on
by Sister Fuellenbach-West. Played sports at the park.

Tuesday we went to Shinn Park. We received special permission to go to
the temple with a returning member, and Sisters Walton and Harvey came
too. Took pictures then went to institute.

Wednesday the Indian investigators made us authentic Indian food for
lunch - it was spicy. There is a picture. Went to Viola Blythe -
Sister Smith has the picture so I will get that later. Went to the
mission office for Sis Smiths exit interview. Went to dinner. Bible
study was about the priesthood. And now my new companion and I will
have to think of things to teach in bible study!

Thursday the housing coordinator, Elder Busk, called and asked if we
wanted to move. Backstory, there is a member who had wanted us to move
into a small apartment she had and talked to the mission people about
it so we moved in. Elders Pettingell, Champagne, Twitchell, and
Schiess helped us move. The apartment is small but amazing, and the
member is awesome and loves us. Went to ACS.

Friday we went to ACS. Went to sister Hoskins. Went to youth sports
only to find them setting up for the dance. So we taught some of the
young women poly dance - well, sister smith did. I tried to learn the
dances too.

Saturday we had morning sports in a different building because the two
normal ones were taken. Had Zone Training Meeting. Afterwards, Elder
Pettingell and Sister Smith were killed - E Pettingells tie was cut
and Sis Smiths dress was cut apart. We then went out to eat with
everyone except the Chinese elders, elder and sister DeGroff, and the
zone leaders because the zone leaders had a meeting. Sister Smith
packed some.  Biked around. We didn't have a dinner so our member took
us to pieology. Went to the stake dance. Waited for calls - Elders
Twitchell and Feller are leaving for different areas, and Sister Smith
and Elder Pettingell are leaving for their respective homes. Sister
Hughes is coming to be my new companion.

Sunday we had a regional conference. Went to lunch at a bishops house.
Went to an old folks home for sacrament/FHE. Went to dinner.

Sister Kelly

Freemont 31

So this is the seventh week of this transfer. . . . Which means my
companion goes home next week.

Monday we hiked mission peak - and made it to the top. Played sports.

Tuesday we biked to Shinn park because we felt like it. Went to see
Sister Fuellenbach-West. Went to institute.

Wednesday was district meeting. The question was"what was your guilty
pleasure". We  had an awesome lesson on the restoration. We played how
well do you know your comp. Went to Viola Blythe. Went to Bible Study.

Thursday we went to TriCity. Helped E Feller and Feinour with Mikes
baptismal program. Went to ACS. Went to dinner. Printed the baptismal
program out then gave it to the elders.

Friday we went to see Sis McJunkins. Went to Sis Hoskins. Went to the
church to help with the baptismal program again.

Saturday was Zone Sports. We did weekly planning. Went to help prep
for the baptism, which then happened. Went to celebrate Sis Smiths 18
month mark.

Sunday we went to church. (I forgot it was fast Sunday - I remembered
in the middle of breakfast and felt soooooo bad). We went home for
studies. Went to dinner. Came home and Sis Smith did some packing
while I started organizing our missionary closet - I need something
productive to do while she packs all week.

It's kind of surreal that my amazing companion, Sister Smith, is
leaving in a week. I have learned so much from her! She is an awesome
missionary and person in general. It's been an honor to serve with

Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelly

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Freemont 30

So last monday we just played sports - baseball with a volleyball, kickball. it was awesome.

Tuesday we went to Shinn Park. Had interviews with President Mella. :) Went to institute.

Wednesday we had what was supposed to be Zone Study but ended up just being District Study. Had District Meeting. Went to Viola Blythe. Went to Bible Study.

Thursday we went to Tri City. Came home for lunch then went to ACS.

Friday we helped Sister Price. Helped Sister Hoskins. Did Youth Sports - two beehives showed up and we had a blast playing volleyball and basketball and Mafia. :)

Saturday we did Weekly Planning. Sister Smith did "My Plan" stuff. Had correlation.

Sunday we went to church - we were in the primary for one of the wards again. I volunteered to lead the music in Primary until one is called.

Today we hiked mission peak again - and actually made it to the top!!!!!! :) We had a blast.
Our District!! Because the Chinese Elders left early (the picture above is the only one I got), our District were the ones in the group picture. Me, Sister Smith, Elders Feller, Wilson, Brown and Feinour

Elders Brown and Feinour

curly when wet

popcorn popping on the apricot tree ;)

 Dunking a shoe because.. well almost dunking a shoe, if you look at the next picture you find out how that works out.

Elders Wei, Feller, Li, and Wilson

I had an awesome week! Interviews with President are always awesome:) 

I hope this week was good for all! 

Love and miss you all!!! 


Sister Kelly