Thursday, January 28, 2016

Freemont 29

Last week was really weird - as our pday was on Tuesday. . . .

So Tuesday we wanted to hike mission peak again as a zone, but it rained and the zone leaders hard a meeting. So we played sports and do you love your neighbor. . . xD it was awesome. Went to institute.

Wednesday was a worldwide broadcast for missionaries - we again carpooled with some sisters. . . And the broadcast was amazing! "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". Talked a lot about missionary work and effective ways to do it. After lunch - during which Sis Walton and Harvey had the nurf gun fight - Sis Smith and I went to Viola Blythe. Went to bible study - we watched the Joseph Smith movie, which is always amazing, and I was reminded again about something. I seem to remember that one of the first times I remember feeling the spirit was either soon before or after my baptism as a family we watched the Joseph smith movie. :)

Thursday we helped a member unpack and move some things. We went to ACS. Saw Sis Hoskins.

Friday we went to Tricity. We washed Caramel . . . My darling little Lisa turned eight months old. :)

Saturday was morning sports. . . Zzzzzzz. We went to a brunch one of the wards was having. On our way home from that, we passed the elders and one of their investigators walking in the rain - they were drenched! So we gave them a raincoat and umbrella and took some things for safekeeping. Did weekly planning. Coordinated our work with those same elders. Went to dinner - we had El Patio (very good Mexican) twice this week. Made the February dinner calendars. Had correlation.

Sunday was Ward conference for one of the wards. We did the talk in that wards primary - so we went to primary instead of relief society, which we love doing. Helping with the children in the only way we can - talks and music! I volunteered to lead the music in primary until someone is called. Went to a meeting with one of the bishops.

Our week was productive and fun. :) we have an investigator with a potential bap date, we just need to teach her the rest of the lessons.

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

Sister Smith's chalkboard

sister Walton and Sister Harvey

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Freemont 28

Monday we hiked mission peak. emailed. went mini golfing and lasertagging.

Tuesday we had apartment inspections. Visited people. went to institute.

Wednesday we had Zone Training. visited people. went to bible study.

Thursday we went to tricity - a food bank/ thrift store service. went to ACS. helped a sweet elderly sister in one of the wards. met with one of the bishops.

Friday we had correlation. Made fliers for a couple of things. Taught lesson one again to Dani.

Saturday we went to ACS again. weekly planned. went to the adult session of stake conference.

Sunday was stake conference.

Monday was our big meeting with Elder Sitati - who is doing a mission tour. It was awesome! He answered questions and talked about things. It was amazing but long.

I love you all so much! :)

have a good week!


Sister Kelly

Monday, January 11, 2016

fremont 27-6 months!

Monday we played sports as a zone.

Tuesday we went to shinn park and helped sister hoskins. we visited people then went to institute.

Wednesday we had district meeting. We took a zone picture after - without Elder and Sister DeGroff because they had an appointment. Went to viola blythe service. Went to dinner than bible study.

Thursday we went to ACS. Worked on a family history finding idea. :) We are printing out little cards inviting people to call us if they want help with their four generation pedigree chart.

Friday we went on exchanges. Went to youth sports.

Saturday Sister Mella came to study with me and Sister Studdert. We went to work on the finding idea. Tried to visit people. Saw Bhoomi. Drove to exchange back. Did Weekly Planning.

Sunday we went to church.

Today we hiked Mission Peak with E Petingell, Champagne, Twitchell, and Schiss. It was fun, but also super hard. It was very steep in a lot of places! I kept using the "Look Not Behind Thee, look forward". xD We all got tired. We almost made it to the top, but only E Twitchell and Champagne actually got there. Sister Smith injured her knee about two weeks ago.
hiking mission peak

sister Smith is so good at these

Fremont zone

We saw rainbows at Shinn park!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

week 26

Monday we played sports as a zone and then exploding kittens with
Spanish because they were the only other missionaries without a

Tuesday we went to Shinn park . Went to Sister Hoskins. Went to institute.

Wednesday was district meeting. Only us and Spanish, because Elder
Feller didn't have his new companion

yet and was with ASL who are not in our
district. We tried to visit Dani. No one showed at bible study.

Thursday we went to ACS service and did inventory. It hurts your head
after a little bit. But we were definitely needed - Jorge had told the
other volunteers not to come in, he would have the missionaries but
only we were able to help out. We planned a surprise for Sister
DeGroff because it was her birthday and ended up heartattacking her
door and leaving flowers and peanut butter balls and a signed card -
watching her open the door while hiding behind some bushes was the
best part. xD then Sister Walton and Sister Harvey came for a
sleepover (allowed on certain days of the year) and we were given
permission by President Mella to stay up! But the time we had to wake
up was still 6:30, otherwise we would most likely have stayed up all
night! xD we played apples to Apple. also the Elders called to wish us
a happy new year.

Friday we all struggled awake. The other sisters left and we had
studies. We helped our appartment managers by cleaning an appartment.
We did weekly planning. My darling little sister Abigail was baptized!

Saturday we had morning sports and met the new one. Elder Feinour is
from Pennsylvania. Went to ACS again to help finish inventory. Had a
lunch meeting with one of the bishops. Helped a member move into our
appartment complex. And now for the crazy thing we did.  Sister Smith
had been talking about this for a while and we finally did it. A
TimTam Slam. So basically you buy timtams and milk or hot chocolate,
put the beverage in a bowl, bite both the ends off the TimTam and
drink the beverage through the TimTam like a straw. It was disgusting
but somehow so much fun at the same time. Missionaries are weird, btw.

Sunday was Ward time switch meaning the Ward that was first is now
last. Horray. We had correlation with two different Ward mission
leaders after dinner at different times.

Overall, this week has been pretty good. :) the upcoming one will be
big for my family - I started the leaving of the children. My sister
Natalie is going to school! She is going to SVU and is super
nervoucited - or is that just me?

Hope this new year brings blessings for all! Love and miss you!


Sister Kelly