Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's June? What?

So many pictures this past two weeks. . . Not sure I can put them all on here. . . xD

Now I'll just talk about what I did that made it so I didn't post last week.

My boss asked me to go to a training camp to become the aquatics director at Bovay. I agreed, because they really needed one and I like water. I drove there with coworkers to the camp which is near Dallas/Fort Worth area - yay long drive! Bleh.

When I arrived, I found out that I couldn't be an aquatics director because I wasn't a lifeguard yet (I get that training sometime in the next few weeks), which was something I had mentioned to my boss, like, don't I need this for that? and he said no so I didn't worry about it. Until I got there. My coworker, Miss Becca, called and arranged things and I was able to stay at the camp to become a program director. I think I had more fun doing that than I would've with aquatics. . . :)

It was a crazy week but also kindof fun. :)

As it it now almost the end of June. . . haha. I think I'm way behind now. Well, some highlights: Lisa turned two. Natalie came home. :) We went hiking. Made some new friends. Three of our cousins came to stay for a week - fourteen children is a LOT. It's been a while since we had to use two cars, our fifteen passenger didn't quite fit sixteen people, but we had fun!

So many things wow. 

Today is Hannah's seventh birthday! It's crazy how time flies. 

Well. I've found I'm to leave Texas soon. I planned everything, so I knew this would happen, but I find I don't want to leave my family. I fly up to Utah August 8th, and I'm going to live there and work until I can get instate tuition at Utah State. :) It's going to be a fun adventure!!! 

Haha, hope everyone has a great week.