Sunday, October 30, 2016

a week

So this week I have been plagued by a small cold and allergies which
has gotten me really congested, it has been very annoying. Brain fog
all week. Yay. xD but I have been trying to stay focused because

Monday we did laundry and studies then went to Zumba, which ended up
being cancelled. We got ready and went shopping. Ate lunch. Emailed.
Window shopped in Fremont - because we went to a trampoline place. It
was fun! Went to dinner. Saw Sister Preston (member in the Ward). Saw
Sister Daily (another member in the Ward).

Tuesday we did studies. Went to open heart. Some members I knew from
the YSA who are in this Ward took us to lunch. We tried to see people.
Ate dinner. We went to another members for a lesson and they fed us.
Yay two dinners.

Wednesday we did studies and went to Zumba. Some of the elders came to
Zumba . . . Went to open heart gardens. Ate lunch. Got ready. While
trying to see people we saw Sister Jeppsen. saw Sister Thomas. Saw the
morris'. Went to dinner. Saw the roylances.

Thursday we did studies. Went to district meeting. Ate lunch. Saw
brother Smyth. Went to dinner. Saw the Girardellis.

Friday we did studies. Went to quail service. Ate lunch. Got ready.
Did weekly planning. Went to dinner.

Saturday we were on exchanges so I was with Hermana Grant is the
Spanish program for a day. We did studies. Went to the church to print
fliers for their talent show and make some calls. Ate lunch. Saw
Naysiea. Saw some other families I sadly don't remember the names of,
one of which asked for sister hertig to help her daughter with math
homework. Went to dinner with a less active at a Mexican restaurant-
and of course Spanish program means the elders were also there. Went
with one of their members, Julia, to see Patricia. The other sisters
picked us up to go home - have I mentioned that I don't like riding
bikes in the dark? Even if I have good lights, the cars blind me.

Sunday we did studies, dropped the Hermanas off at church. Went to
church, and it was my favorite time of year - primary program! All the
cute little children singing while I try not to sing all the songs out
loud. . . And I knew all of them. xD I heard that my family also had
their primary program. We ate lunch. Saw the harris' after picking up
the Hermanas to drop them at home so they could have bikes. Saw the
Schofields and the Spencer's, two families sister hertig hadn't been
able to see. Went to dinner - homemade pizza and the member also gave
us an entire homemade pizza to take home. :)

So that was my week. Hope everyone had a good week as well!

Love and miss you all! Stay safe!


Sister Kelly
Hermana Grant and I on exchanges

A member fed us lunch today. so this is everybody

dinner on exchanges - the member took pictures on his phone and emailed them to the elders so we could have them. :)

She found out that pictures can't be posted anywhere if she is in the picture so she did this. :) one of the sweet old ladies we play bingo with
Sister Hertig and I

Made me think of mom

trampoline park

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

lots of exchanges

Monday we did laundry and studies. We went to Zumba. Got ready. Ate
lunch. A member took me and Sister Hertig shopping. Went shopping.
Went to dinner. Saw the Laurence family.

Tuesday I was with Sister Bocanegra, because the Pleasanton sisters
were on exchanges with Sister Grant and Hertig. We did studies. Went
to open heart. Ate lunch. Picked up our dinner. Saw Serafin (one of
the Hermanas investigators - all of the lessons were in spanish, i
think i picked out very few words the whole day - with whom a bap date
was set while we were there). Saw Jacque, a recent convert of theirs.
Ate dinner. Went to play volleyball at the church for the Spanish

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Zumba. Went to open heart gardens.
Ate lunch. Tried to see people. Went to dinner. Bike day.

Thursday we did studies and got ready. Went to district meeting. Ate
lunch with Daisy, a member in a different Ward who was going to feed
the Hermanas and invited us. Went to see the sneddons with the
Hermanas. Saw sister Stearns. Went to dinner. Dropped sister hertig
off on exchanges.

Happy birthday daddy! :)

Friday I was with Sister Tuanauta all day. Did studies, went to Zumba.
Went to quail service. Ate lunch. Got ready. Tried to see people. Went
to dinner. The Hermanas picked us up so we could borrow some elders
car to pick up sister hertig. It rained all day, we got soaked! And it
was her first time biking on the mission - it's still her first
transfer! But she said she had fun and she is awesome, so.

Happy birthday Benji!! :) I can't believe you are 13!?!?

Saturday we did studies. Started weekly planning. Ate lunch. Went to
help out an old library that was moving storage. Tried to see people -
of the 17 we had planned to try and see two opened their doors and
were either not interested or the person we were looking for had
moved. Went to dinner. Did some weekly planning.

Sunday we did studies. Dropped off the Hermanas. Went to church.
Picked up the Hermanas. Went to dinner. Had correlation.

Also there is this awesome quote on the sign of a church "if you throw
dirt at someone, you lose ground."

Hope everyone's week went well! Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly
1910 editions from an old library we were doing service for - they were going to just recycle these!

sister Taunauta! :)

Wore Grandma Kelly's Young Womens Medallion on Daddys birthday. :)


huge spider - and look it fixed its web!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

15 months

Hello all! Sister Hertig and I have turned 15 months old in the mission.


Monday we did laundry and studies. Went to Zumba. Got ready. Ate
lunch. Went shopping. Emailed. Went to dinner. Went to ZTM planning.

Tuesday we did studies. Biked to open heart with sis Bocanegra. Ate
lunch. Saw Brother Smyth, a less active. Saw the Madsens. Went to
dinner. Did phonetacting. Talked to our bishop for a little.

Wednesday did studies. Went to Zumba. Biked to service again, the
gardens - sis Hertig and Grant went to a ZTM. Ate lunch, got ready.
Saw Kelechi. Tried to see people. Saw the Chiltons. Went to dinner.

Thursday we did studies. Went to ZTM. Ate lunch. Went to sack lunch
service - making those for children in need. Tried to see some people.
Went to dinner.

Friday did studies. Sister Bocanegra and I went to Quail service. Ate
lunch. Saw Kelechi. Saw the YWs Pres, Sister Hahn. Went to dinner. On
our way home we both had a feeling that going down the bike path might
not be a good idea. So we biked home on the streets.

Saturday we did personal study. We went to a baptism we had been
invited to. Went to the gathering of gratitude, basically worship
through music with a couple different churches. Did comp study. Ate
lunch. Saw sis Stearns. Started weekly planning. Went to dinner.
Finished weekly planning.

Sunday we got ready, went to Ward council. Did comp study. Went to
church. I went with sis Bocanegra to see one of their investigators
while the other sisters were in a meeting. Found out the stake
president had found our bike seat - it fell off at the church and one
of his counselors found it. Crazy! Did personal study. Ate dinner. Saw
the McDonald's. Tried to see more people. Dropped by the Blairs.

Hope everyone had a good week.

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The week of Conference

Hello everyone! Hope your week was amazing!

Monday we did laundry and studies. We picked up the Hermanas to go to
Zumba then went home to get ready and cleaned a little. We went
shopping and ate lunch. Went to Pleasanton to play sports - there were
a lot of people. We emailed. Went to dinner. Tried to see some people.

Tuesday we did studies. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. We were on bike
so the rest of the day was. . .fun. Tried to see people, saw someone
named Natalie - sadly she didn't want to come back (Sis, do not let
that be you ever!). Went contacting. Ate dinner. Tried to see some
people, and a former to see if he might be interested. Did some
phonetacting (calling people with no info in the phone).

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Zumba. Went to open heart gardens.
Ate lunch and got ready. Organized some information in the iPads.
Tried to see people. Ate dinner, did phonetacting. Went to watch the
women's session again with an investigator, but she couldn't make it.
Happy birthday to Sister Hertig! :)

Thursday we did comp study and then went to meet Jamie, a new
investigator from formers. Not sure where that will go. . . Went to
district meeting. Ate lunch. Had interviews with President. Saw Sister
Wissler, she is sweet. We are trying to do 20 lessons a week-including
active members-because Bishop Caussé promised that we would see
miracles if we doubled our lessons to 20. Saw Kara a sweet little 9
year old recent convert. Went contacting. Ate dinner. Did personal

Friday was MLC, so I was with Hermana Bocanegra all day while our
companions went to the meeting. We did studies. Went to Zumba. Went to
Quail service. Ate lunch. We had the bikes because they had to drive
to San Jose. So, I fell in the middle of the street while trying to
see some of the Hermanas investigators. Skinned my knee a little. Yay.
(The bike seat moves and the brakes are different than I'm used to so
the seat moved in the middle of the road and I braked cause it shocked
me so down I went. Went to dinner. The Pleasanton sisters were there
because our dinner knew me from the YSA Ward and when she found out I
was going to her home Ward she said oh I'll sign up for you on this
day too. So. :) started weekly planning.

Saturday was CONFERENCE! My favorite thing! It was super amazing. :)
my favorite part was the four missionary talks. After conference we
saw Sister Stearns, a sweet lady who remembered Sister Hertig's
birthday. She is photosensitive so her house is boarded up. Also, on
the way there Sister Hertig fell and skinned one of her knees. Lol.
Ate dinner at Fosters Freeze and saw a member from the family Ward in
Pleasanton who was getting ice cream with his brother in law after
priesthood session. Finished weekly planning.

Sunday was more conference. :) yay. The Spanish branch fed us lunch,
then we continued conference. Went to dinner. Had correlation. Went to
Pleasanton so the STLs could plan ZTM while Sister Bocanegra and I
contacted a referral they had received. Went back to Livermore so they
could plan our ZTM.

Family I love you. :) also please send me at least one thing each that
you loved about conference (Lydia, could you get that from the little
kids?). Danke :)

Love and miss you!

Love,Sister Kelly

​apparently the tree is cold? It is on all of the trees on this one street are different knitted or crocheted things