Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Finally (haha) finals are done. Over. My grades came in last week and I passed all of my classes, thankfully. (I did not want to take Biology again!) I was unable to sing any of my solos in choir Sunday or Monday, sadly, but that's okay because I have to take choir again next semester anyway so I'll just do solo's then. :)

I will do a christmas post full of cheesy christmas/chanukuh/kwanza stuff (while hopefully not offending people!) sometime next week because next week is christmas week oh my gosh christmas is just over a week away people!!!!! :)

Happy holidays till then!

- Cali

Friday, December 5, 2014


I'm in Chior at school and I need to be able to sing by tomorrow or I can't sing my solos on sunday and possibly monday (monday is the FINAL. And I need to be able to SING).

To clarify: my allergies(?) decided to start acting up on wednesday, so yesterday I wasn't able to sing. Today I can sortof sing but if I can't tomorrow . . .