Tuesday, October 11, 2016

15 months

Hello all! Sister Hertig and I have turned 15 months old in the mission.


Monday we did laundry and studies. Went to Zumba. Got ready. Ate
lunch. Went shopping. Emailed. Went to dinner. Went to ZTM planning.

Tuesday we did studies. Biked to open heart with sis Bocanegra. Ate
lunch. Saw Brother Smyth, a less active. Saw the Madsens. Went to
dinner. Did phonetacting. Talked to our bishop for a little.

Wednesday did studies. Went to Zumba. Biked to service again, the
gardens - sis Hertig and Grant went to a ZTM. Ate lunch, got ready.
Saw Kelechi. Tried to see people. Saw the Chiltons. Went to dinner.

Thursday we did studies. Went to ZTM. Ate lunch. Went to sack lunch
service - making those for children in need. Tried to see some people.
Went to dinner.

Friday did studies. Sister Bocanegra and I went to Quail service. Ate
lunch. Saw Kelechi. Saw the YWs Pres, Sister Hahn. Went to dinner. On
our way home we both had a feeling that going down the bike path might
not be a good idea. So we biked home on the streets.

Saturday we did personal study. We went to a baptism we had been
invited to. Went to the gathering of gratitude, basically worship
through music with a couple different churches. Did comp study. Ate
lunch. Saw sis Stearns. Started weekly planning. Went to dinner.
Finished weekly planning.

Sunday we got ready, went to Ward council. Did comp study. Went to
church. I went with sis Bocanegra to see one of their investigators
while the other sisters were in a meeting. Found out the stake
president had found our bike seat - it fell off at the church and one
of his counselors found it. Crazy! Did personal study. Ate dinner. Saw
the McDonald's. Tried to see more people. Dropped by the Blairs.

Hope everyone had a good week.

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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