Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here Comes Eleven

Eleven is my favorite Doctor on Doctor Who (Matt Smith).

The numbers three, seven, and ELEVEN are my favorite numbers. 

 Maybe you might have noticed (lol, duh), but I have an announcement about the number eleven.

In May (my birthday month!!) I will probably (as that is the due date month) become:

I am going to have another sister. :) 

May is also the month when I will receive my mission call (hopefully, yay!!). My going on a mission will mean not seeing my new little sister for a semi-long time, but I'm excited to go. 

And super excited to have a little baby sister soon!!!

- Cali

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Does everyone agree about this?? Well. . . .

I told you how I used to rent those to school books? I called the "help desk" again but this time no one answered. I still don't have two of my school books.

Did I tell you that one of the books if for my Piano class and has pieces that we need to practice??? And I don't have it.

If I don't get those books I will probably fail two classes.

- Cali

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Work/School and Weirdness.

I might have mentioned before that I work as a desk aide in the Performing Arts Center building at my campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As today is the first day of school for this semester we have gotten quite a few interesting questions. The PAC building holds the offices and some classes for the fine arts/music/audio/film departments (all of the audio/film classes are held here, and most of the music classes - and I'm just talking about the classes for this campus).

We have mostly the rooms numbered 400 something in our building (though some of the 400 somethings are in the main building) and people have asked about their science classes (we have a SCIENCE HALL) and math classes (in the PAC building? really?). Rooms numbered 600 something or 700 something have been asked about multiple times. WHY DO THEY NOT GO TO THE MAIN BUILDING FIRST?????? It has most of the rooms . . . Maybe parking is closer to this building or something?. . . 

I have also been asked where the bookstore is . . . . and it is literally right next door with a huge sign saying BOOKSTORE!!!!!

Seriously. I understand that it is a new semester and we might have really new students. But does no one come and look at a campus before school?? Or buy books before school?? Wow.

And I am probably being a little rude in this rant (I am never rude to anyone who comes up to the desk, or I try my hardest not to be - I'd get fired) . . . So sorry people of the internet! 

But everything is made better by a cute guy who works in the PAC building who asks his manager to ask my name for him. ;) 

- Cali

Monday, January 19, 2015

School Starts . . . . Tomorrow

I rented some school books through  (because school was soon and I didn't want to use up my bookstore money so I could have a nice refund) and the box arrived last Saturday. Just the box, no books. AND school starts tomorrow.

So I called the "help desk" and they told me I'd have to wait till this Saturday and if the books still had not arrived I should call them back (the guy I talked to was really helpful and nice though).

But really, one of the books is for the one class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it's and PIANO class so I'm really excited and and. . . .  yeah.

Why does school have to be frustrating before it even starts??