Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moved In Plus Cats

We finally moved in to our house on tuesday - and early friday morning (and by early I mean really early as in we finally stopped around three in the morning). The person who used to own the house took care of dogs or something and there are little stairs leading up to my window - and stairs with a platform inside my room. It's really annoying, but what is more annoying is that my bed doesn't fit where I wanted it too and so it's shoved between the platform thing and Becca's bed. I cannot wait until we get that thing fixed and GONE. In the meantime, neither me nor Becca can unpack anything.

On the bright side I have no more PREM to be tortured by, and no school next friday (it's the professors birthday weekend and she, quote,"doesn't want to have to see us". . well then).

Trying to get all of our cats over here is hard - we don't know where a favorite cat is (my theory: the old neighbors used to "get rid of" our cats by sending them to the pound or something - those neighbors really didn't like our cats) and she's been missing for more than a month, so. . . :( Another cat might have kittens might not - we really don't know!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

This School . . . Problems . . . And Missing Mission Bend

For Work Study, I'm supposed to go to this orientation, right? First of all, I went to the wrong one (the actual school orientation - it doesn't say anywhere what orientation I needed to go to. A new WS orientation is scheduled for next Friday, thankfully). Then I find out that I've got the job - but I need the paperwork from the WS orientation before I can work or I'll be seen as volunteering (which I really don't want), and the application paperwork. So of course I fill out the wrong application paperwork (it was the form I was told to fill out).

On top of the Work Study stress, this week I had to (because I didn't have the foresight to plan this, stupid me) do seven hours of math on Tuesday and Thursday, on top of the hour and a half of Math 0306 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the four hour PREM-Math on Fridays. Because in the four hour class I have to do 32 hours of online study which I of course forgot until last Friday. Ugh. Also my 0306 Professor was surprised that people were still taking the PREM class and didn't know that it is apparently required. Also, where we are in my normal math class is definitely not where I'm apparently supposed to be in PREM. I'm taking the math class because I need to learn math. Some people apparently don't get that people take a math class because they need to learn math, NOT BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW MATH. On the bright side, at least I finished those stupid hours today!

I also have a math test tomorrow (PREM), and a Biology exam tomorrow. Next Monday I have a Math exam, and next Wednesday I have a Psycology exam. Why.

On top of all that, we went to our new branch on Sunday and I stayed in the nursery with Rachel because I didn't want to face Sunday school and RS, because - believe it or not - I am actually sometimes shy with new people - especially new people who aren't acting very friendly. In my last ward, one of my now best friends, Kat, on our first day there came up and introduced herself. In the branch, the only people who really came up to me were the children I helped take care of in nursery and the nursery people.
My poor YW sister's have to fix another clique ward (almost every ward since Pampa has had cliques in the YW's that, - it feels like - because we moved in, went away or were fixed). At least in our last few wards I could help (I wish I was still in YW's - sometimes). I mean, I love all my peoples even with the cliques, but it really is much better when the cliques are gone. I hope Natalie and Lydia can do in this ward what we did in my last ward - though I don't know that we did much of anything other than move in and be ourselves. In my last ward our YW's group became such a wonderfully tight-knit family after the Johnson's accident, it's just another reason moving is so hard. I already miss them so much and we haven't even technically moved out of the ward and stake yet - house wise, at least.

And on top of everything else, the house was supposed to close last Wednesday, but things kept popping up and the closing was moved to Friday and things kept popping up - we are hopefully closing this Saturday (please, please, please, house people; let us close) - so THINGS BETTER NOT POP UP!!!!

- Cali