Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moved In Plus Cats

We finally moved in to our house on tuesday - and early friday morning (and by early I mean really early as in we finally stopped around three in the morning). The person who used to own the house took care of dogs or something and there are little stairs leading up to my window - and stairs with a platform inside my room. It's really annoying, but what is more annoying is that my bed doesn't fit where I wanted it too and so it's shoved between the platform thing and Becca's bed. I cannot wait until we get that thing fixed and GONE. In the meantime, neither me nor Becca can unpack anything.

On the bright side I have no more PREM to be tortured by, and no school next friday (it's the professors birthday weekend and she, quote,"doesn't want to have to see us". . well then).

Trying to get all of our cats over here is hard - we don't know where a favorite cat is (my theory: the old neighbors used to "get rid of" our cats by sending them to the pound or something - those neighbors really didn't like our cats) and she's been missing for more than a month, so. . . :( Another cat might have kittens might not - we really don't know!


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