Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two Months Into "Normal"

Well. . Officially, It has been two months since I got home - yes I think it's crazy too! How time flies! Truly though, It feels like I've been home for forever but also as if no time has gone by at all! I don't understand how that works. . . but at least I know Heavenly Father knows whats up. :)

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers I found last week. :) 

This is our church building - with the "Angel Wings" in the sky

This is me and my friend Fazi :)

I went to a bonfire and of course I spent that time taking pictures and singing. . . . ;)

Hannah as the widow that Elijah comes to for food and her "son". 

Monday I started training at my new job. FHE was indexing, so I had fun doing that. :) 
Tuesday and Wednesday I had work, nothing noteworthy happened then. 
Thursday I went to see my friend Fazi for a little. Went to Institute. 
Friday was fun, I went to a YSA bonfire. It rained which was kinda hilarious - the rain did eventually go away. And the bonfire was warm and got us all dry lol. :) I met some people and got to sing - bless the people who bring and can play guitars. 
Saturday I had to work again. The women's session of conference was awesome! :) One of the quotes I liked was said by Carol F. McConkie. She said that we need to "Invite His healing and cleansing love." I really liked that. :) 
Today I taught the five year olds in primary - and the class just above them whose teacher wasn't there. We talked about the Holy Ghost. 

I hope everyone had an awesome week and that this one is just as great! :) 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break = Family + CAMPING!!!! :)

Ahh, the week of spring break. . It was awesome! WE WENT CAMPING. Which explains it all. :)

All the kids and things ready to go. 


Of course there is a little park at the camp. . . 

Rachel and Lisa



Mom and Lisa

Abi and Hannah

Ray - the tall one (but seriously he's six four!) - and Lisa

Lets just say it was very cold when we woke up and the twins decided to snuggle. Becca and Sue. 

Lydia and Rachel

Yes. . .  Raymond did try to climb the wall but he couldn't find a good handhold. 

I just thought this was adorable. . 

Sorry - it just reminded me of slytherin okay?


We went to see a historical house and Lisa decided to climb the fence and look at the cows.

Just beautiful, okay? My favorite flower. :)

So on Monday and Tuesday we were camping. It was a lot of fun, although the three hour drive was not very appreciated. We "hiked" to the San Antonio River and around some old historical sites in the area. We were in Goliad - some texas history? I don't know much lol. Like I said it was really cold in the morning. On Tuesday I also went to the RS activity celebrating 175(?) years. 

On Wednesday we rested from camping and were glad we had my dad and Ray at home. 
Thursday we went to see the Hill House. It is beautifully old. :) 
Friday I had charge of all the children. Horray. . . xD Also Beauty and the Beast came out I am so excited to see it! 
On Saturday Mom and I went to do zumba at the YMCA (way different than what I expected). And then we all went swimming - it was very weird going in water again! After almost two years of no swimming. . . some of us then went to a baptism. It was very sweet, it was a couple and the son of the wife skyped so he could watch. :) I love baptisms!
And today I taught Hannahs class about baptism. Ha. :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Mine was full of adventure. ;)