Sunday, March 12, 2017

Missing Thunder

Sad to say . . . . But not many pictures this week. When it's cloudy the sunset is hard to see. . .  And I realized that missing the thunder was probably not wise. xD

This is Lisa splashing in a puddle in our front yard - after a couple hours of rain. (Mom took these)

Becca, Ben, Lisa, Hannah, and Rachel puddle jumping

After a day of sun. . . xD

This is Sister Allred. She served in my mission and then had to go home and now serves here in Texas. :)

My mom and Lisa. So cute! 

On Monday we went to try and get Lydia an ID - lol, it's the hardest thing ever, did you know? Long line and then they come out to say they might close before they get to everyone. So we left to do our other errand - get us bank accounts. Bleh. Then, I actually went to the YSA FHE. It was fun, we had a nurf gun fight. Pew, pew. Although. . . Would it surprise anyone that I snuck off to play the piano? ;) xD Probably not lol. 
Tuesday I drove Lydia to seminary. I was then put in charge of the bunch while mom first went to tutoring and then to take Lyd and get her an ID. 
On Wednesday I had a job interview - I will probably get the job but they might ask me to work on sundays. . . so most likely not going to take it. 
On Thursday I drove Lydia to seminary. For Institute, our old teachers taught one last lesson - they are going on a mission to Rome, Italy! :) And we met our new teachers. 
Friday I heard the words fabric and just had to go - making matching skirts for Easter is totally a thing ;) - and then I went with the girls to their book club. 
Saturday we got to go to the YMCA (we being me, Lydia, Mom, Ray, and Dad). We get to have Dad and Ray for the entire week because . . . SPRING BREAK!!!! Whooo! :) Que camping. . xD
Today I taught the rowdy bunch of sunbeams. . all nine of them. :) They were adorable and . . . very 3-5ish. xD I love children. Also it was super cold today! I mean it is still March, but this is TEXAS. 

Hope you all have an amazing week!! :) 



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