Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two Months Into "Normal"

Well. . Officially, It has been two months since I got home - yes I think it's crazy too! How time flies! Truly though, It feels like I've been home for forever but also as if no time has gone by at all! I don't understand how that works. . . but at least I know Heavenly Father knows whats up. :)

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers I found last week. :) 

This is our church building - with the "Angel Wings" in the sky

This is me and my friend Fazi :)

I went to a bonfire and of course I spent that time taking pictures and singing. . . . ;)

Hannah as the widow that Elijah comes to for food and her "son". 

Monday I started training at my new job. FHE was indexing, so I had fun doing that. :) 
Tuesday and Wednesday I had work, nothing noteworthy happened then. 
Thursday I went to see my friend Fazi for a little. Went to Institute. 
Friday was fun, I went to a YSA bonfire. It rained which was kinda hilarious - the rain did eventually go away. And the bonfire was warm and got us all dry lol. :) I met some people and got to sing - bless the people who bring and can play guitars. 
Saturday I had to work again. The women's session of conference was awesome! :) One of the quotes I liked was said by Carol F. McConkie. She said that we need to "Invite His healing and cleansing love." I really liked that. :) 
Today I taught the five year olds in primary - and the class just above them whose teacher wasn't there. We talked about the Holy Ghost. 

I hope everyone had an awesome week and that this one is just as great! :) 


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