Monday, May 14, 2012

Play performance....did I mention I'm sixteen now?

Last friday was my birthday and also May 4th, Star Wars day. So, May the Force be with you.

It was also my sixteenth birthday. Yay me, I can now date and the Parents will finally teach me how to drive.

And also the day of the performance of the play my family is participating in. It's a shakespeare play, The Merry Wives Of Windsor.

I am Robin, page to Sir John Falstaff, and I've made out my charrector to be a girl who has left home so she does not weigh down her parents by her wishes to become either a well working women or a married one. She travvals to court to find a job (or husband) and gets a job as a page, to Sir John Falstaff (as mentioned above). She travvals with Falstaff and two of his followers, Nym and Pistol, to Windsor. There, Falstaff is 'captivated' by two rich wives of windsor Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. He sends letters by way of Robin (he fired his followers because they would not take the letters),  to both of them.

Meanwhile, one of the Mistress' daughter Mistress Anne Page, is being swarmed by suiters (only one of which she likes); Master Slender (my brother is playing him, Slender is made out as stupid and is the favored match  of Anne's father Master Page), Doctor Caius (the local doctor, favored match of Anne's mother Mistress Page), and Master Fenton, the one she eventually marries. Doctor Caius and Parson Hugh get into a fight because the Parson helps Slender try and win Anne Page by asking the Doctor's servent Mistress Quickley (my sister is playing her), for help. (Fenton also asks Quickley for help, and the Doctor also.)

Back to Falstaff. Mistress Page and Mistress Ford meet and talk about the letters. They swear to have revenge somehow. His followers, mad because he fired them and now refuses to pay them, tell Master Page and Master Ford what Falstaff is planning. Master Ford  is jealous, so he says he will go to Falstaff in the name of Brook, to find out whither or not his wife is going to do anything. The Mistresses ask Mistress Quickley to be the go-between, or messenger with them and Falstaff. And Mistress Quickley asks that Robin be able to help her.

Falstaff goes to Mistress Fords house, and Master Ford, who earlier had found out from Falstaff himself that this was going to happen, comes running with the gentlemen he is usually with. Mistress Page 'comes' to tell Mistress Ford what trouble Mistress Ford is in, by the way of her husbands jealousy. Falstaff gets into a basket of dirty clothes, and is dumped into a river after almost being found out by Master Ford.

The Mistresses talk of how they can best fool Falstaff again. Master Ford goes again to Falstaff in the name of Brook, and finds Falstaff is not quite discouraged yet. He goes again to Mistress Fords house, and she is warned again by Mistress Page about what is going on with her husband. This time Falstaff will not go into the basket, but tries to go out in the disguise of a fat old women of Windsor. Master Ford, coming in the house, beats her.

Mistress Page and Mistress Ford now think it wise to tell their husbands about what has been going on. They devise a last way to get back at Falstaff. Master Page and Mistress Page each on their own devise ways to get Anne Page married. Master Page tells Master Slender to take Anne Page, marry her, and that he will find her in white. Mistress Page tells Doctor Caius to take Anne Page, marry her, and that he will find her in green. Master Fenton, however has with Anne Page devised a way for them to marry.

In the conclusion, Falstaff is ridiculed, and scared 'most to death. He promises to stop with his ways. Mistress Anne Page and Master Fenton marry, as they wanted. Master Slender becomes angry for he almost married a boy, and riles at Master Page for 'fooling' him. Doctor Caius marries Robin, whom he thinks is a boy. . . . but is really not.

And thus the end of an awesome play. Once we get all the tapes put together and stuff, I might share it on here.

- Cali