Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the week of biking

So we bike every other day, switching off with the Hermanas. And it is
supposed to be really hot these next couple days.

Upside, we have Zumba every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning! :)

Sister Hertig's birthday is on Wednesday this next week. She is from
Bountiful UT. She has a sister on a mission in Bakersfield CA.

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. Sister Rajan got a
haircut. Went to lunch (a member fed us) and I got a trim. Emailed.
Did school stuff (ewww, but I have to if I want to go to BYU-I next
fall). Went to dinner. Dropped by some referrals (which people keep
giving because now Sister Rajan is here, surely all the people from
India will listen to her). Dropped by the Millers - she fixed one of
my skirts. Yay. Saw Dominique. The elders had left their phone at the
church so we dropped it off to them.

Tuesday we drove to transfers. Ran around figuring things out and then
drove home. Ate lunch. Planned some things. Saw Mike and Cindy
(slightly less actives, dating and want a temple marriage so we
invited them to let us teach them the lessons). Tried to see more
people. Went to dinner. Tried again to see people.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Zumba (yay). It was awesome, but
this week wed was a bike day so ouch. My feet hurt. Did service at
Open Heart Gardens. Ate lunch. Tried to see people. It was a very
windy day - without the wind and very nice biking day, actually. Ate
dinner. Had a lesson with Sue, one of our Investigators.

Thursday we did studies, had district meeting - which will basically
just be a combined zone district meeting. Ate lunch. Tried to see
people, went contacting, tried calling people (I think 2 out of 20
answered the phone and no one called us back - although we do need to
get better at leaving our number in the messages). Saw the Andrus'.
Ate dinner. Saw the Girardellis, related to Sister Girardelli in
Fremont who took us to the temple in April! Met with the Baileys, WML.

Lisa is 16 months old now?!

Friday we did studies and Zumba again. Went to Quail Service, which is
playing bingo and war (card game) at a rest home it is probably going
to be my favorite service in this area. Ate lunch. Did weekly
planning. Went contacting and tried to see some people. Went to
dinner. Another bike day. . And wow it gets really dark by 8. I do not
like biking in the dark. I feel like I am going to hit something and
fall. But a member was amazing and got us bike lights.

Saturday we did studies. Went to Sunflower Gardens service (we weeded
in the sun for an hour and a half while sister Hertig had me play a
game called the Green Glass Door. I could not figure it out). Ate
lunch. Finished weekly planning. Tried to see people, went contacting.
We had the car and neither us nor the Hermanas had a dinner, so we
were going to get pizza and called them asking what kind they wanted
and right after we hung up they biked by. So we just picked them up.
After dinner we went to the General Women's Session, it was amazing!
As always, President Uctdorfs talk was my favorite, and on my favorite
subject, Faith. While driving home, somehow one of the bike seats fell
off. . . Who knows where. Thankfully, we had another bike (popped
tire) and the seat fit the bike that lost its seat. It was crazy but
kindof funny at the same time.

Sunday we went to Church. Did studies in between Ward council and
sacrament. Walked home (like 15 min). Ate lunch. Biked to see Sister
Carter. Went to dinner. Saw Sister Oxley. Tried to see a potential.

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Love and miss you!


Sister Kelly

​so Elders Liufau and Li, Me and Sisters Hertig, Grant, and Bocanegra

Awesome picture from our District Leader. He wanted us to ponder what our Savior did for us. 

Friday, September 23, 2016


So I am transferring to Livermore. It's ten minutes away and the YSA
covers that area so I already know the area pretty well. I will be
with Sister Hertig. For those who don't know, that means Sister Rajan
is a two week companion.

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. Ate lunch. Sister
Rajan took a nap. We emailed. Played sports. Went home and ate dinner.
Went to YSA FHE which was the YSA broadcast from Sunday night, and it
was awesome. Elder Cook talked about fear and how to overcome that
with faith.

Tuesday we did studies. Service was interesting, we went to open heart
for an hour then to ACS for an hour - because open heart didn't need
us there were so many volunteers. Ate lunch. Had a lesson with the
Chiltons (7 turning 8). Went contacting, tried to see people (we had
an appointment with someone but they didn't open the door). Saw the
Havards (another 7 turning 8). Went contacting again, found a
potential - not sure how interested she is. . Went to dinner, a YSA
took us to panda. My fortune: "you will be happily surprised by a long
time friend". Yay! :)

Wednesday we did studies. Sister Mella took us shopping for some
things. (Mom I will tell you in another email). Saw the zone leaders
at the mall - one set of elders go contacting there a lot. It was
funny because sister Mella had bought us lunch and we went away for a
little and one of the zone leaders saw sister Mella and the other
thought he was lying about it. I was reminded that I have to apply to
transfer to byu-I if I want to go there next fall. Sister Mella
dropped us back off at home and we went to see someone who had
forgotten about our appointment so we rescheduled. We met with the RSP
of the family Ward. Went to dinner. Taught the McKeowns (a member
family we are teaching to find people - and idea I got from SMCM).
Went contacting at the Bart.

Thursday we went to ACS. Ate lunch. Went contacting. Saw the
Caldeiras. Went to dinner. Went to service for East Bay Stand Down
(helps veterans who fell through the cracks). Sister Hughes asked me
to take pictures of the moon. . xD

Friday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. Did weekly planning. Saw
Connie, whose mom was there because she was moving apartments. Went to
dinner. Saw Eric, who surprisingly read what we had asked him to read.
But still wouldn't commit to come to church.

Saturday was awesome! We helped Connie move apartments, we had the
elders and a YSA to help with the heavy stuff. Connie then bought us
pizza for lunch. We went home to change and get ready. Then we went
with a part member family to tour the visitors center at the temple,
it was amazing! The mom, the non member, was really touched by one of
the videos we watched, one of the new Meet the Mormon movies. We took
pictures outside the temple as well, my favorite part. It was also
really clear across the bay. Drove home. We ate dinner. Saw Raj,
someone from India who invited us over. After planning, sister Rajan
fell asleep while I waited for calls - which came at 10pm. Late. I
then packed most of my things quickly. xD

Sunday was church. Saw the Lees to say goodbye. Dropped by the
Caldeiras, and the Maughans, and the Gauthiers. It was awesome because
I won the jokes apparently. "There is a lot of puns and sarcasm here"
G1 "oh, did you fall into one?" Me (G2 starts laughing) "what?" G1 "a
sarcasm" me. He then realized what I had said and asked if he could
use that and they both said it was the best joke they had ever heard.
Funny, I think I got it from my brother? Maybe? Can't remember where
that came from.

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

a "clear" day

Monday, September 19, 2016

14 months and new companions

So Sister Rajan is from India, South Bangalore. Her aunt is a convert
and raised her and her brother in the church. Her parents are not
members yet. She's another temple square sister. She likes dogs. Funny
thing: "do you speak Hindu?" - Elder Bringhurst "No, that's a
religion." - Sister Rajan "Do you speak your religion?" - Elder Giles
to Elder Bringhurst. She speaks tamal.

Monday we did laundry and studies. We printed pictures and went
shopping. Sister Johnny finished packing. Went to play sports and
email. Drove to San Jose to drop off sister Johnny. Went with Sister
Staley for the night to los altos. Had dinner. Went to help figure out
their dinner calendar because she was going to be in a trio for the
next two weeks until actual transfers.

Tuesday we did studies. Drove to San Jose and were then told to eat
lunch so we did. Got sister Rajan. Saw sister Presser. Saw Eric. Went
to dinner. Went to introduce sister Rajan to brother peay, wml in the
family Ward.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. Made some
heartattacks for people's doors. Saw sister Maio. Saw Chenita. Stopped
by a LAPM family, he actually came out to talk to us (something the EQ
has been trying to have happen) and said they would be willing to feed
us and the elders. Went to dinner. Stopped by the McFaddens (stake

Thursday we did studies. Went to ACS. Ate lunch. Finished making
heartattacks and put some on some people's doors - la or members or
investigators who we thought needed it. Saw the Caldeiras. Went to
dinner. Saw Connie.

I turned 14 months on my mission - somehow the time goes way too fast!
I mean, it's already September!

Friday we did studies. We had ZTM. Ate lunch. Started weekly planning.
Saw Eric again - we thought if we saw him more than once it would get
the time of the lessons down. Still working on it. Went to dinner.
Tried to see people/ go Book of Mormon contacting.

Saturday we went to help clean the church so sister Rajan could meet
the stake president (who wasn't home when we stopped by Wednesday
night). Had comp study. Saw the Bartas. Ate lunch. Finished weekly
planning. Heartattacked some more people's doors. Saw sister Presser.
Saw the Crugers. Saw the zollingers (la family I had never been able
to meet) and set an appointment. Ate dinner. Sister Rajan had gotten
some food from her country and she wasn't used to it so it didn't
really agree with her.

Sunday we went to church and I sang with the Ward choir "abide with
me; Tis Eventide", that and the other abide with me have become some
of my favorite hymns - along with nearer my god to thee. Went to stake
missionary correlation, which the stake president had invited us to on
Saturday. Ate lunch. Set up appointments. Ate dinner. Saw the Trolans.

I love and miss everyone so much!  Hope your week goes well!

Sister Kelly

california sunsets

Me, Sister Garner, Sister Staley, and Sister Fonseca.

charlie the poof after being groomed

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


so my little sister Abigail requested more details about what I do
so let's see if this works. . .

Monday we did laundry and studies, went shopping. We went down to San
Jose to see the Sisters Closet, also referred to as the dungeon. It's
basically just clothes missionaries left when they went home or people
just didn't need anymore or trade ins etc. So that was fun. I got
three new shirts, but of course no skirts. Yay. Also I got to see my
mission sister, Sister Doig. Sister Palmer trained her too - for half
of her training. Sister Doig was then "adopted" cause Sister Palmer
transferred. Sister Doig is now training my niece. xD yay missions. We
went home and ate lunch then went to the church for my favorite part
of pday - emailing. The Livermore missionaries came down to play
sports with us, but by the time we were done emailing everyone expect
the elders in our area needed to leave - after finding a ladder to get
down some volleyballs which had accidentally gotten stuck on some
ledges. Of course it took eight elders to figure out how to work the
ladder. Lol. We played gaterball, which is basically soccer with some
stipulations. Split in two teams. The goals are one chair at each end
of the room. You can catch and hold the ball if someone kicks it up to
you, and the goal is to somehow hit the other teams chair. Of course,
being missionaries, we don't keep score, but it is always a lot of
fun! :) we then went to dinner. We had an appointment with a member
who lives on the military base so we wanted to find out what we needed
to do to get in but couldn't find the entrance gate. Talked to the
stake president - and I don't know if I mentioned this to anyone other
than my sister Natalie,  but his daughter is serving with one of my
friends from back home, Sister Adair! :) we went and talked to sister
Tukuafu. She is just amazing.

Tuesday (lol Aggi, this might be longer than you thought!) we did
studies and went to Open Heart kitchen. Usually we help make soup or
something for the elderly. It is a lot of fun and my favorite service.
I love the managers too. They always play music. ;) this time we went
to the serving side - where we actually serve the food made on the
other side. Went to eat lunch. Kindof figured out how to get onto the
military base - we thought. We saw the Crugers (we were teaching the
son before he turned eight and just kept teaching the family to help
uplift their spirits). Took Books of Mormon contacting - I think we
actually gave one out to someone who didn't live in the mission but
that's okay. He had a really cute little girl with him, I think around
Lisa's age. We tried to see some people the ward council asked us to
see. Went to dinner. Tried to see some new move ins.

Wednesday we did studies (like always xD) and went to open heart. Ate
lunch. There was a miscommunication about district meeting - there was
none, which we were not told. Went to see Sister Bucholz - after
trying to see less actives with no one being home. Tried to go to our
appointment in the military base but there were complications, so we
couldn't get in. Saw Sister Maio. It was her birthday and we could
only stay a couple minutes so we decided to try another day. Stopped
by the Bishops house, and they offered to feed us - they were already
feeding the elders and we didn't have a dinner, so we helped her make
dinner. Saw Nicole.

Thursday we did studies then went to ACS. We usually organize clothes
or something - but this time we cleaned silver. Ate lunch. Went to
district meeting as a zone, which was fun. Took a picture with Sister
Treuhaft. Saw Eric. The Yips offered to feed us because we didn't have
a dinner. Went to see Connie - and her roommate Lauren who is also
less active, came out to see us. :)

Friday we did studies. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. Did weekly
planning. Saw Sister Yip. Saw the Caldeiras. Ate dinner at Panda - and
a member (a traveling nurse) from salt lake paid for our food. Saw
Sister Maio.

Saturday we had correlation. This day was full of just trying to see
less actives and contacting and we met two less actives while
contacting and those were interesting conversations. Went to the Yips
for lunch. Set up an appointment with a new move in. Went to dinner
and then continued to try and see people.

Sunday was normal. We went to church from 7:30-5. Met with a less
active and two investigators - the less actives son and friend. Went
to dinner. Tried to see people again.

Funny how as it went along the days got shorter. . . Lol. xD

I love and miss you all!!!!

Sister Kelly

Friday, September 2, 2016

Zone conference and Bishop Causse

Monday we did normal p-day stuff, laundry, shopping, emailing. played some sports. Went to dinner. Went to FHE. Went to Livermore for exchanges.

Tuesday we were in Livermore all day on exchanges. we went to the open heart there. It was fun, I was with Sister Hertig. :)

Wednesday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. Saw Eric. Went through a formers list. Went to dinner. Found a less active.

Thursday we had zone conference from 10:30-5.Saw Sister Maio. went to dinner. Saw Connie.

Friday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. did weekly planning. saw Lulu. Saw the caldeiras. help a member family move. Went to dinner. had correlation. Drove to fremont.

Saturday we went to a mission wide meeting with Bishop Causse. It was awesome! They are really sweet. Drove the fremont sisters home then went home. ate lunch. tried to see people. saw Sister Buckholz. went to dinner/the ward party. Met Josse. (Josselyn).

Sunday we went to church. Met with some investigators. Went to dinner.

Love and miss you all!!

Monday was pretty good. We wandered around doing stuff. I made stew and we emailed. Went to dinner. Went to FHE.

Tuesday we went to Open Heart. Ate lunch. Saw the Tukuafu's daughter. Found some less actives who didn't want us to visit. Went to dinner. Tried to see people.

Wednesday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. Went to district meeting. Worked on lists. Went to dinner and had WML Correlation. Went on splits and tried to see people.

Thursday we went to ACS. Ate lunch. Cut hearts out of paper to put on peoples doors. Saw Eric. Went to dinner. Saw the Vagos. Met with bishop.

Friday we went to open heart. ate lunch. did weekly planning. Went to dinner. Saw Connie.

Saturday we had correlation with our other WML. Saw the Caldeiras. Found someone - who we later found gave us the wrong number and address. :) Horray! xD Saw Sister Grace. Ate dinner. Went on splits.

Sunday was church, a homecoming and farewell in one ward and then a homecoming in the other. Went to dinner. Worked on the YSA list.

Elders: Ericson, Wendt, Giles, and Bringhurst. Sister Johnny and I in the front. This is our district, but basically it's just minus the chinese elders. 
The Shipp family. The oldest got home from his mission three days ago and the next is leaving for a mission today

Monday we got pictures. Helped some members - their carpets were being cleaned so we helped them get things off of the floor. Sister Harvey got a haircut. Went shopping. Ate lunch. Emailed. Sister Harvey finished packing. Got the car washed and cleaned. Went to dinner. Saw Connie.

Tuesday was transfers. I got my new companion, Sister Johnny. She is from Micronesia. She is a Salt Lake City Temple Square missionary, so I only will be her companion for three weeks. They get the opportunity to be called for three months to another mission in the US, going "outbound" as they say. :) We also had Sister Lam with us because she was training but wouldn't get her companion for a couple more days. We went home and ate lunch. I had another sinus infection (yay). Saw Vanessa. Went to dinner. Went on splits and I saw Tess, while they saw the Tafts.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Fremont service ACS (which I like better than the one in pleasanton. . . ) A member family fed us lunch because the husband was working on the sister apartment. Saw Sister Smith (an investigator). Went to dinner. Went to the Cordovas.

Thursday we did studies. Went and said goodbye to Vanessa. She texted us later - she is safely in houston! :) went to fremont. Ate lunch with a member. Tried to see people. Went back to pleasanton. Saw Sister Angell. Tried to see more people. ate dinner. Went to fremont. All the appointments we had during the day cancelled.

Friday we did studies. Sister Lam got her trainee, Sister Gibson. We had to leave her there - that was kindof hard. It was fun being in that trio for a couple days, and it was weird to not have her in the car with us when we left. Ate lunch. did weekly planning. Went to the Caldeiras to take pictures as service. Went to dinner. Took Michelle (recently returned missionary from Taiwan) with us to see Connie.

Saturday we did studies. Worked on finding. Ate lunch. Had a correlation with the Elders - when transfers happened we were taken out of one of the wards, so now we are just in two. Tried to see some people. Saw Eric. Ate dinner. Took Kellie with us to try and find YSAs.

Sunday we went to church. :) Saw the Bouchas. Went to dinner. Saw Rett.

So two weeks ago I bought stew making stuff because I wanted to and I missed my moms food. This week, when about to make it, I realize I didn't freeze the meat so of course it went bad. We went and got new meat and I proceeded to make the stew. xD yep. Love you mom!

I love and miss you all! :) <3 p="">