Sunday, August 7, 2016

Monday we went to Sister Harvey's dentist appointment. Went home. Ate lunch. Organized things. Ate dinner. Did service, helping someone move.

Tuesday we did studies. Went to interviews. ate lunch. Did more service. Tried to see people. Ate dinner. Went on splits. Saw the Vagos.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to open heart. ate lunch. An appointment cancelled. Tried to see some more people. Went to dinner. Did more service for the person moving.

Thursday we had sister Hernandez with us. We went to ACS. ate lunch. Had district meeting. met with Vanessa. did some service for a member. Met with Gale. ate dinner. Went on splits and tried to see someone in the middle of nowhere which was fun but hard to find. Exchanged around again.

Friday I was with sister Lam because of MLC (missionary leadership counsel). Went to open heart. ate lunch. went to the Crugers. went to service for the member again (she was putting family history stuff together for an event saturday). went to dinner. Went to badminton. exchanged back.

Saturday we did studies. Met with Eric. ate lunch and weekly planned. Met with Sister Grace. Went to the stake heritage day picnic. :)

Sunday we went to church. Met with the Boucha's. Went to dinner. Tried to see people.


I love and miss you all! :)
Pioneer/geneology activity

Sister Lam

Vanessa came to the moving service with us - it was REALLLY dusty, so we had masks