Tuesday, March 3, 2015

YSA Awesomeness

So for FHE last night, we played flashlight red light greenlight, which means you play in the dark with obstacles in the way. Then we played knockout (basketball game where you try to knock other players out of the game), and then we played soccer.

I forgot how much I miss soccer. I wish I played more often. I used to play, when I was younger, but then our homeschool athletic group dispersed (we also played baseball, softball, etc.) . . . I think the fields we used were torn down for buildings or something.

Because of Institute, I re-met this guy who is now engaged to the girlfriend he was dating and missing at the time I met him (which was at a stake dance).

I'm so glad I know people and institute is awesome and we need the Allens back or for them to just teach it forever . . . .

So yeah. . . .

- Cali