Thursday, January 28, 2016

Freemont 29

Last week was really weird - as our pday was on Tuesday. . . .

So Tuesday we wanted to hike mission peak again as a zone, but it rained and the zone leaders hard a meeting. So we played sports and do you love your neighbor. . . xD it was awesome. Went to institute.

Wednesday was a worldwide broadcast for missionaries - we again carpooled with some sisters. . . And the broadcast was amazing! "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". Talked a lot about missionary work and effective ways to do it. After lunch - during which Sis Walton and Harvey had the nurf gun fight - Sis Smith and I went to Viola Blythe. Went to bible study - we watched the Joseph Smith movie, which is always amazing, and I was reminded again about something. I seem to remember that one of the first times I remember feeling the spirit was either soon before or after my baptism as a family we watched the Joseph smith movie. :)

Thursday we helped a member unpack and move some things. We went to ACS. Saw Sis Hoskins.

Friday we went to Tricity. We washed Caramel . . . My darling little Lisa turned eight months old. :)

Saturday was morning sports. . . Zzzzzzz. We went to a brunch one of the wards was having. On our way home from that, we passed the elders and one of their investigators walking in the rain - they were drenched! So we gave them a raincoat and umbrella and took some things for safekeeping. Did weekly planning. Coordinated our work with those same elders. Went to dinner - we had El Patio (very good Mexican) twice this week. Made the February dinner calendars. Had correlation.

Sunday was Ward conference for one of the wards. We did the talk in that wards primary - so we went to primary instead of relief society, which we love doing. Helping with the children in the only way we can - talks and music! I volunteered to lead the music in primary until someone is called. Went to a meeting with one of the bishops.

Our week was productive and fun. :) we have an investigator with a potential bap date, we just need to teach her the rest of the lessons.

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

Sister Smith's chalkboard

sister Walton and Sister Harvey

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