Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Freemont 30

So last monday we just played sports - baseball with a volleyball, kickball. it was awesome.

Tuesday we went to Shinn Park. Had interviews with President Mella. :) Went to institute.

Wednesday we had what was supposed to be Zone Study but ended up just being District Study. Had District Meeting. Went to Viola Blythe. Went to Bible Study.

Thursday we went to Tri City. Came home for lunch then went to ACS.

Friday we helped Sister Price. Helped Sister Hoskins. Did Youth Sports - two beehives showed up and we had a blast playing volleyball and basketball and Mafia. :)

Saturday we did Weekly Planning. Sister Smith did "My Plan" stuff. Had correlation.

Sunday we went to church - we were in the primary for one of the wards again. I volunteered to lead the music in Primary until one is called.

Today we hiked mission peak again - and actually made it to the top!!!!!! :) We had a blast.
Our District!! Because the Chinese Elders left early (the picture above is the only one I got), our District were the ones in the group picture. Me, Sister Smith, Elders Feller, Wilson, Brown and Feinour

Elders Brown and Feinour

curly when wet

popcorn popping on the apricot tree ;)

 Dunking a shoe because.. well almost dunking a shoe, if you look at the next picture you find out how that works out.

Elders Wei, Feller, Li, and Wilson

I had an awesome week! Interviews with President are always awesome:) 

I hope this week was good for all! 

Love and miss you all!!! 


Sister Kelly

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