Monday, February 15, 2016

Freemont 31

So this is the seventh week of this transfer. . . . Which means my
companion goes home next week.

Monday we hiked mission peak - and made it to the top. Played sports.

Tuesday we biked to Shinn park because we felt like it. Went to see
Sister Fuellenbach-West. Went to institute.

Wednesday was district meeting. The question was"what was your guilty
pleasure". We  had an awesome lesson on the restoration. We played how
well do you know your comp. Went to Viola Blythe. Went to Bible Study.

Thursday we went to TriCity. Helped E Feller and Feinour with Mikes
baptismal program. Went to ACS. Went to dinner. Printed the baptismal
program out then gave it to the elders.

Friday we went to see Sis McJunkins. Went to Sis Hoskins. Went to the
church to help with the baptismal program again.

Saturday was Zone Sports. We did weekly planning. Went to help prep
for the baptism, which then happened. Went to celebrate Sis Smiths 18
month mark.

Sunday we went to church. (I forgot it was fast Sunday - I remembered
in the middle of breakfast and felt soooooo bad). We went home for
studies. Went to dinner. Came home and Sis Smith did some packing
while I started organizing our missionary closet - I need something
productive to do while she packs all week.

It's kind of surreal that my amazing companion, Sister Smith, is
leaving in a week. I have learned so much from her! She is an awesome
missionary and person in general. It's been an honor to serve with

Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelly

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