Monday, January 11, 2016

fremont 27-6 months!

Monday we played sports as a zone.

Tuesday we went to shinn park and helped sister hoskins. we visited people then went to institute.

Wednesday we had district meeting. We took a zone picture after - without Elder and Sister DeGroff because they had an appointment. Went to viola blythe service. Went to dinner than bible study.

Thursday we went to ACS. Worked on a family history finding idea. :) We are printing out little cards inviting people to call us if they want help with their four generation pedigree chart.

Friday we went on exchanges. Went to youth sports.

Saturday Sister Mella came to study with me and Sister Studdert. We went to work on the finding idea. Tried to visit people. Saw Bhoomi. Drove to exchange back. Did Weekly Planning.

Sunday we went to church.

Today we hiked Mission Peak with E Petingell, Champagne, Twitchell, and Schiss. It was fun, but also super hard. It was very steep in a lot of places! I kept using the "Look Not Behind Thee, look forward". xD We all got tired. We almost made it to the top, but only E Twitchell and Champagne actually got there. Sister Smith injured her knee about two weeks ago.
hiking mission peak

sister Smith is so good at these

Fremont zone

We saw rainbows at Shinn park!

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