Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chior and Math Books

So in my chior class (my obviously favorite class - singing!!!) I met two mormons! Morgan and Samantha. Morgan is in the Katy stake and Samantha (a convert! Yay!!) goes to the bering building. :) It was so cool!
Also, in chior we actually talk to people - most of us get there at least twenty minutes early - so we get to know each other much better than we would in a different class. There are only about sixteen people in my chior class, so we'll know each others names pretty soon. xD

I've decided not to carry my superduper heavy math book to school. I'm going to leave most of it at home (it has loose-leaf pages) and only take what I might need of it from that day. It's way too heavy, especially if I bring my laptop as well - which I usually do.

On tuesday I got to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my sister Natalie and Lydia, and our friend Katherine (Kat!), and our mom. IT WAS EPIC. The movie and being able to hang out with Kat before my family moves. Our new house will be only twenty minutes from her school though, so we will be able to go see Kat in her school plays/musicals much easier. :)

- Cali

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