Thursday, August 7, 2014


I hate registering for classes. First of all, every single time I've ever registered or tried to I was late in the year, so I either couldn't find classes or was left with extremely weird times. So stressful. Ugh. And this time it isn't my fault that I'm registering now - we didn't know where we were moving so I couldn't register at a normal time.

To add to that I was tested on Math today and, of course, failed. So I have to take a PREM (basically prep testing for math) and a Math class. Great. I was told to take Psycology, Biology, PREM, and Math. I've found all of the others, basically, but the Biology class times are weird. And super annoying. Ugh. All of the times are in the afternoon, and I've never had an afternoon class - cause I really don't want to and I have to be able to work. We figured it out though. I am a little happy because I found out that I can take a CHOIR class. xD Yay! Singing! <3

And back to not so happy because I apparently can't enroll in either of the Math classes until I get "approved" by a counselor, which is so annoying because I've seen the counselors already - maybe twice today - to give them the results from my Math test and I have no clue why they didn't approve it then! Seriously, it takes at least an hour of waiting before we finally see a counselor. Ugh.

But we got everything worked out and I am now enrolled at HCC. Finally.

- Cali

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