Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School Is Annoying

I mentioned in my last post that because we are moving I am changing schools, moving from WCJC to HCC. Now this wouldn't be too bad  except I am transfering - I have enough college credit hours to transfer. As I was homeschooled, at WCJC I had to be tested on my Reading, Writing, and Math skills. I completely failed the Math portion, so HCC tells me I have to get tested for Math. 

Of course I have to get tested for Math - aka: pure evil. In trying to get out of having to be tested - since I know that I'm going to fail the test, as we haven't been doing Math since last summer (and yes, that is my fault) - we bring my test scores from WCJC. Of course I passed the Reading and Writing portions - by at least ten points, thank you - so I absolutely don't have to take tests for those. But we find out that HCC doesn't use Compass testing anymore and so I have to get re-tested for Math. Ugh. 

Wish me luck! I'm seriously going to need it. 

- Cali

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