Thursday, November 27, 2014



Apple pies are done:

Lydia made them, mostly without a recipe but with help from mom.

Pumpkin pies are done:

made by me.

Our turkey is defrosting, and the rolls will be made by mom (with help from Sue?) sometime today.

So here are some pictures to think about xD : 


SO . . . 

Comment what YOU are thankful for. And think about this:

Because if something like that ^ happened we wouldn't be ready for what we would lose. We don't thank Him enough.


So I am thankful, in no particular order, for the family He sent me to, the friends I've met, the ability to talk and sing, the air we breath, the ability to read, food, a house, horses and awesome neighbors, music, technology, and prayer. 

- Cali

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