Monday, January 9, 2017

christmas week

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! :) Happy New Year!

Monday we did laundry and studies. Emailed. Went shopping. Played
sports with the Pleasanton zone. Went to dinner. Saw the Rossi's.

Tuesday we did studies. We also moved. . Which took a while. Saw sue.
Did more moving. Saw Brother Smyth at the library - it has been so
cold recently. Went to dinner. Went to youth night.

Wednesday we were on exchanges, so I had Hermana Perez with me. We did
studies, went to Zumba. An appointment we had fell through so we went
to service. Ate lunch. Got ready. Saw Sister Andrus. Saw Kara. Went to
dinner. Saw Sister Caraway. Met as a zone to recite the last paragraph
of the Living Christ, each zone had a portion to record and send to
president. It was made into a video and put on the mission mom's page.

Thursday we did studies. Went to district meeting. ate lunch. Went
contacting/ tried to see less actives. Did a little service for a
member family. Saw the Jeppsons. Went to dinner. Saw the Hatchs. Happy
Birthday Natalie!

Friday was awesome! First of all I was raining. Second, we had our
mission party! We had a devotional, and a mission talent show. We were
allowed to watch a movie - we watched Forever Strong. The drive home
took longer - the gps was left on no freeways so. . We went on a very
slow windy road through the hills. It was very pretty but also about
15 miles long. We got home in time for dinner. We didn't have time to
pick up the bikes, so our dinner took us to our appointment. Which
cancelled. So we walked to another less actives house about 20 min
away and saw Sister Oxley. We then walked most of the way home.

Saturday we did studies. Did weekly planning. Ate lunch. Saw Sister
Stearns. Saw the Lees. Ate dinner at Michelle's - she is one of the
Zumba instructors. :) she is also a very good cook. Happy Birthday

Sunday we opened what presents we had as soon as we woke up. Did
studies. Dropped the hermanas off at church. Went to church. I thought
it was really cool to have the sacrament on Christmas. Our Christmas
program was preselected speakers talking about their favorite
Christmas hymns and us then singing them. The primary children also
sang (at least, those who were still in town), and there were two
other musical numbers. That all happened because most of the choir was
out of town so they did the choir concert the week before. Ate lunch.
Skyped our families. :) went to dinner. Saw the Perrys.

It was a pretty good week. :) I hope everyone's week leading to the
New Year goes well!

I miss and love you all!


Sister Kelly
a baptism from last week

christmas morning

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