Thursday, January 26, 2017

Last Full Week

Well I definitely never thought that this would happen. I knew I would
get to this point, but it's still crazy!

On Monday we did laundry. We went shopping, ate lunch. We decided that
we were having a comp p-day (meaning we basically did things by
ourselves all day) so we did things at home. I started packing the
things I wouldn't need throughout the week. We were even able to have
a coloring party. xD we went to dinner and had FHE with them.

Tuesday we had a conference call with President and the other leaders.
We did studies. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. Tried to see people.
Went to dinner. Met with bishop.

On Wednesday we did studies. Went to Zumba. Went to the gardens. Got
ready. Saw Sister Andrus. Because we knew it would be raining, we
baked cookies to give people. Went to dinner. Delivered cookies - and
got drenched.

Thursday we did studies. Went to district meeting. Ate lunch. Sister
Hertig and I went to San Jose for our last interviews with President
while Sister Maughen and Sister Doig did work. Went to dinner. Saw the
Girardellis. Saw the Hahns.

On Friday we did studies. Went to Zumba. Got ready. Ate lunch. And we
were able to go to the sealing of Ann and William, whom I worked with in Fremont! It
was so amazing! Sister Bailey drove us. :) we tried to see some
people. Went to dinner. Went to see sister Boone. Saw Sister Caraway.

Saturday we did studies. Did weekly planning. Ate lunch. Saw Sister
Stearns. Tried to see some people. Went to dinner at the Lees. Saw
Sister Oxley.

Sunday we went to church. I sang an arrangement for I'll Go Where You
Want Me To Go. We ate lunch. Dropped by the Girardellis to say
goodbye. Saw the Blairs. Saw the Bohns. Tried to see some people, saw
the faces of some less actives. Went to dinner. Went to the Hatchs.
Saw the Roylances.

I'll see some of you in a couple days, the rest I will write soon! :)

The Hahns

The Paradise Kids

Dina, Sister Caraways dog

Me and Lily (or mini Sister Kelly

The Roylances

The Girardellis

Last zone picture!!!


Sister Kelly

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