Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week of ZTMs

Well that was a week, but hey we reached 20 lessons (the mission
weekly goal which includes members) and that's awesome.

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. Did a couple random
things at home waiting for Sister Doigs recent convert Jose. Went to
lunch, and of course it was a bike day so we put everything in his
car. . . . Including the phone! Oops. It all worked out though and we
went bowling and had fun. Played cards. Emailed. Went to dinner.
Planned one of the ZTMs.

On Tuesday we did studies. Went to the gardens, the elders found baby
mice. We sorted through black eyed peas again. Ate lunch. Dropped by
Sue. Planned another ZTM. Tried to see some people. Went to dinner.
Went to the youth night.

On Wednesday we did studies. Had ZTM in Pleasanton. Ate lunch. Saw
Sister Andrus. Went contacting around an appointment (hooray for the
sun!) then saw the Chiltons. Ate dinner. Helped Sister Brown. Saw
Sister Caraway.

Thursday we had studies. We had Livermore ZTM. Ate lunch. Went
contacting. Went to sack lunch. Went to dinner. Saw the Girardellis.
Saw Sister Boone.

On Friday we had Fremont ZTM, the APs came. Ate lunch. Went
contacting. Did weekly planning. Went to dinner. Saw Sister Wissler.

Saturday we did studies. Went to sunflower gardens. Ate lunch. Went
contacting. Saw Sister Stearns. Tried to see people. Saw the Lees.
Went to dinner.

Sunday was church hooray! Ate lunch. Saw Sister Carter. Went
contacting. Saw Sister King, thankfully she gave us a ride to our
dinner. Ate dinner. Had correlation.

Overall it was a pretty good week. I hope everyone has a great one
this next week!

Elders Liufau, Barker, George, Clegg, Caceres, Harris, and Sisters Bocanegra, Perez, Doig, and I 

Elder Barker and Elder Liufau

Elder Barker, Liufau, Clegg, and George

Sister Doig and I

I said they found mice!!! :) 

We saw a rainbow on the way to a ZTM

Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelly

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