Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year!

 cannot believe that it is 2017! So crazy! It has gone by way too fast.

On Monday we did laundry and studies, much easier with it in our
apartment. Went shopping, emailed. Ate lunch. Played Laser Tag as a
zone. Played some cards. Went to dinner. Dropped by a member family,
the Daily's.

On Tuesday we did studies. Finished cleaning the old apartment. Ate
lunch. We had zone conference. Went to dinner and had a lesson with
the Harwoods.

Wednesday we went to the gardens. It was fun we shelled black eyed
peas. Ate lunch. As it was a bike day and we had planned everything
close by we just walked everywhere so that we could talk to everyone
outside better. Saw Sister Andrus. Went to dinner. Got some things
ready and then we drove to exchanges.

On Thursday we were in Palo Alto with the coordinating STL's -
basically they are Sister Mella's assistants and go on exchanges with
us STL's. It was really fun, I was with Sister Riggs all day. We did
service. Ate lunch. She is serving in the Samoan program so we did
language study. Went contacting and saw some people. Ate dinner.
Exchanged and drove back.

Friday we did studies. Went to Quail. Ate lunch. Went contacting. Did
weekly planning. Ate dinner. Saw the Girardelli's.

On Saturday we had more exchanges. I was with Sister Hertig. Did
studies. Went to sunflower gardens service. Ate lunch. Went contacting
and tried to see people. Saw Sister Stearns. Exchanged back - it being
New Year's Eve. Dropped by the Roylances who ended up feeding us (we
had a dinner, they just were sick). Went home and planned. Also, even
though we were allowed to stay up till 11 (what with church meetings
on Sunday, and we still had to wake up at 6:30), I just went to bed
early. :)

Sunday was 2017 ( o.O ) so the time of church changed from 11 to 9.
Yay! It was kindof funny because the members didn't like it and being
missionary's who get up early anyways we didn't care much about the
change. Went to church. Ate lunch. Saw Sister Carter. Went contacting,
saw a couple digging a hole in the ground and when we asked what they
were doing - planting their Christmas tree. Apparently if you buy one
in a pot you can do that. . . Cool. We also saw the pet pig (named
Violet) that I've been hearing about - someone in livermore owns a pig
and I thought it was hilarious so I took a picture - also so I could
send it to sis Hertig because her favorite animal is a pig and she
really wanted to see it. Tried to see some people, but they were
either busy or sick or not home. Met with the Zone Leader and his
companion to plan goals for the zone. Ate dinner. Worked on making a
commandments board game for when teaching members with little kids.

I hope everyone had an awesome week! It was fun for us because most
everyone was out of town. . .

I love and miss you all! :) Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be
amazing! Hopefully it doesn't go as quick as this one did though, lol.


Sister Kelly

Me and Sister Riggs

the infamous pet pig named violet. 

our zone at lazer tag. back: Elders Barker, Harris, Caceres, George, and Clegg. front: me, elder Liufau, sisters Bocanegra, Doig, and Perez

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