Tuesday, December 20, 2016

transfers week

Hello all! So my companion is Sister Doig, she is from Canada. She has
three brothers. And usually where she lives it is -40 degrees! That's

Monday we did laundry and studies and went to Zumba. Went shopping and
printed pictures. Emailed. Ate dinner. Saw the chambers.

Tuesday we drove to the mission office for transfers. We had to wait a
while for a bike to be fixed - because it doesn't really work for a
half car half bike area to only have one bike. . . Yeah. Went home and
ate lunch. Saw Sue. Went contacting. Ate dinner. Met with our Bishop.
Went to activity night - a youth night with the missionary's where
they can bring their friends and have fun, some of the elders started
it. Saw Sister Blair.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Zumba. Went to the open heart
kitchen - we are still trying to figure out how to make it so that 10
Missionaries don't all go to the same service at once. . . Lol. Ate
lunch. Went contacting. Saw Sister Carter. Went to dinner. Saw Sister
Bohn. Saw Sister King.

Thursday we did studies. Tried to see people - it was raining and our
original plan was contacting but no one was outside. Ate lunch. Saw
Sister Hendricks. Saw Sister Bailey. Went to sack lunch. Saw Jeanette,
she was a potential we had tried to see but she had been sick
recently. We dropped by and they didn't seem to be home so we were in
the car about to leave when they pulled in the driveway. We shared a
Christmas video with her and her roommate, Tina. Yay new
investigators! Because we also set up an appointment with them. Went
to dinner. Saw the Girardellis. Dropped by the RS president to see how
we could help and introduce Sister Doig.

Friday we did studies and went to Zumba. Went to Quail service. Ate
lunch. Got ready. Did weekly planning. Went to dinner. Went to a
baptism in Sister Doig's old area. :)

Saturday we did studies. Went to sunflower gardens. Ate lunch. Saw
Sister Smith and set an appointment with her and also another with a
potential we had. Contacted into Scott. . . He had some questions but
was sadly not interested.  Saw the Andrus'. Ate dinner. Saw Sister

Sunday we went to choir - it was the performance yesterday. Sister
Cheney, the choir conductor, choose some very pretty music. My
favorite was Seeking The King. Went to dinner. Did planning stuff that
I have to do now called My Plan. Hurray.

I hope you all had an amazing week and that this one goes just as well!

Love you all!


Sister Kelly
Sister Doig and I 
Sister Doig's first time on bikes.

Hermana Perez and Bocanegra, and Sister Doig and I. :) 

Sister Grant! She is so amazing, and is now home. :)

This is Ava. She is very adorable and was in a hugging mood when we taught her family last Monday. 

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