Thursday, December 8, 2016

1st week of December

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went to Zumba. Got ready, went
shopping. Had interviews with President. Emailed. Played some games -
I learned one called baseball which I will have to teach my siblings.
Went to dinner. Saw Sister Blair.

Tuesday the Fremont sisters were here on exchanges, so I was with
Sister Bocanegra again. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. Saw Dona Mari.
Saw Jisela. Saw Patricia. Went to dinner. Went to volleyball.

Wednesday we did studies, went to Zumba. Went to the gardens. Ate
lunch. Went to the Kohns. Saw Sister king. Went to dinner. Saw the
Prusso family.

Thursday we did studies. Had district meeting, it was fun. We did
crazy contacting roleplays - as the one being contacted for example, i
had to break into dance moves while the missionary was talking. It was
fun. We ate lunch. Went contacting. Went to sack lunch service (it was
the worldwide day of service! Let me know what you did!). Saw Brother
Smyth. ate dinner. Tried to see some people.

Friday i was with sis  Bocanegra because the sisters had MLC. Did
studies, went to Zumba. Went to quail. Ate lunch. Got ready. Went
contacting. Saw Marilyn. Went to help a Ward member set up Christmas
in the cultural hall. Went to dinner, it was a Ward adult thing where
we also did service. We made over a 100 little gift bags for those
elderly who might not have company. Got a ride home.

Saturday we did studies. Went contacting. Ate lunch. Did some weekly
planning. Saw Sister Stearns. Did more weekly planning. ate dinner.
Saw the jepsons. Went to Pleasanton for ZTM planning.

On Sunday we did studies. Went to church - Sue came yay. Relief
society was cute - they had a little Christmas program. Went to
dinner. Saw Sister cross. Finished weekly planning finally.

I hope everyone has had a good week! What has been your favorite part
of Light The World so far? :)

I love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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