Friday, September 2, 2016

Zone conference and Bishop Causse

Monday we did normal p-day stuff, laundry, shopping, emailing. played some sports. Went to dinner. Went to FHE. Went to Livermore for exchanges.

Tuesday we were in Livermore all day on exchanges. we went to the open heart there. It was fun, I was with Sister Hertig. :)

Wednesday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. Saw Eric. Went through a formers list. Went to dinner. Found a less active.

Thursday we had zone conference from 10:30-5.Saw Sister Maio. went to dinner. Saw Connie.

Friday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. did weekly planning. saw Lulu. Saw the caldeiras. help a member family move. Went to dinner. had correlation. Drove to fremont.

Saturday we went to a mission wide meeting with Bishop Causse. It was awesome! They are really sweet. Drove the fremont sisters home then went home. ate lunch. tried to see people. saw Sister Buckholz. went to dinner/the ward party. Met Josse. (Josselyn).

Sunday we went to church. Met with some investigators. Went to dinner.

Love and miss you all!!

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