Monday, September 19, 2016

14 months and new companions

So Sister Rajan is from India, South Bangalore. Her aunt is a convert
and raised her and her brother in the church. Her parents are not
members yet. She's another temple square sister. She likes dogs. Funny
thing: "do you speak Hindu?" - Elder Bringhurst "No, that's a
religion." - Sister Rajan "Do you speak your religion?" - Elder Giles
to Elder Bringhurst. She speaks tamal.

Monday we did laundry and studies. We printed pictures and went
shopping. Sister Johnny finished packing. Went to play sports and
email. Drove to San Jose to drop off sister Johnny. Went with Sister
Staley for the night to los altos. Had dinner. Went to help figure out
their dinner calendar because she was going to be in a trio for the
next two weeks until actual transfers.

Tuesday we did studies. Drove to San Jose and were then told to eat
lunch so we did. Got sister Rajan. Saw sister Presser. Saw Eric. Went
to dinner. Went to introduce sister Rajan to brother peay, wml in the
family Ward.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to open heart. Ate lunch. Made some
heartattacks for people's doors. Saw sister Maio. Saw Chenita. Stopped
by a LAPM family, he actually came out to talk to us (something the EQ
has been trying to have happen) and said they would be willing to feed
us and the elders. Went to dinner. Stopped by the McFaddens (stake

Thursday we did studies. Went to ACS. Ate lunch. Finished making
heartattacks and put some on some people's doors - la or members or
investigators who we thought needed it. Saw the Caldeiras. Went to
dinner. Saw Connie.

I turned 14 months on my mission - somehow the time goes way too fast!
I mean, it's already September!

Friday we did studies. We had ZTM. Ate lunch. Started weekly planning.
Saw Eric again - we thought if we saw him more than once it would get
the time of the lessons down. Still working on it. Went to dinner.
Tried to see people/ go Book of Mormon contacting.

Saturday we went to help clean the church so sister Rajan could meet
the stake president (who wasn't home when we stopped by Wednesday
night). Had comp study. Saw the Bartas. Ate lunch. Finished weekly
planning. Heartattacked some more people's doors. Saw sister Presser.
Saw the Crugers. Saw the zollingers (la family I had never been able
to meet) and set an appointment. Ate dinner. Sister Rajan had gotten
some food from her country and she wasn't used to it so it didn't
really agree with her.

Sunday we went to church and I sang with the Ward choir "abide with
me; Tis Eventide", that and the other abide with me have become some
of my favorite hymns - along with nearer my god to thee. Went to stake
missionary correlation, which the stake president had invited us to on
Saturday. Ate lunch. Set up appointments. Ate dinner. Saw the Trolans.

I love and miss everyone so much!  Hope your week goes well!

Sister Kelly

california sunsets

Me, Sister Garner, Sister Staley, and Sister Fonseca.

charlie the poof after being groomed

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