Friday, September 2, 2016

Monday we got pictures. Helped some members - their carpets were being cleaned so we helped them get things off of the floor. Sister Harvey got a haircut. Went shopping. Ate lunch. Emailed. Sister Harvey finished packing. Got the car washed and cleaned. Went to dinner. Saw Connie.

Tuesday was transfers. I got my new companion, Sister Johnny. She is from Micronesia. She is a Salt Lake City Temple Square missionary, so I only will be her companion for three weeks. They get the opportunity to be called for three months to another mission in the US, going "outbound" as they say. :) We also had Sister Lam with us because she was training but wouldn't get her companion for a couple more days. We went home and ate lunch. I had another sinus infection (yay). Saw Vanessa. Went to dinner. Went on splits and I saw Tess, while they saw the Tafts.

Wednesday we did studies. Went to Fremont service ACS (which I like better than the one in pleasanton. . . ) A member family fed us lunch because the husband was working on the sister apartment. Saw Sister Smith (an investigator). Went to dinner. Went to the Cordovas.

Thursday we did studies. Went and said goodbye to Vanessa. She texted us later - she is safely in houston! :) went to fremont. Ate lunch with a member. Tried to see people. Went back to pleasanton. Saw Sister Angell. Tried to see more people. ate dinner. Went to fremont. All the appointments we had during the day cancelled.

Friday we did studies. Sister Lam got her trainee, Sister Gibson. We had to leave her there - that was kindof hard. It was fun being in that trio for a couple days, and it was weird to not have her in the car with us when we left. Ate lunch. did weekly planning. Went to the Caldeiras to take pictures as service. Went to dinner. Took Michelle (recently returned missionary from Taiwan) with us to see Connie.

Saturday we did studies. Worked on finding. Ate lunch. Had a correlation with the Elders - when transfers happened we were taken out of one of the wards, so now we are just in two. Tried to see some people. Saw Eric. Ate dinner. Took Kellie with us to try and find YSAs.

Sunday we went to church. :) Saw the Bouchas. Went to dinner. Saw Rett.

So two weeks ago I bought stew making stuff because I wanted to and I missed my moms food. This week, when about to make it, I realize I didn't freeze the meat so of course it went bad. We went and got new meat and I proceeded to make the stew. xD yep. Love you mom!

I love and miss you all! :) <3 p="">

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