Friday, September 2, 2016

13 months to the day and Sister Harvey goes home

Well, Sister Harvey is going home. Crazy. And I am staying in Pleasanton with Sister Johnny. She is newer, because I don't know her.

Monday i don't remember what we did. Sister Harvey packed a little. I wanted to make stew so I bought the stuff and will probably try and do that today. we went to dinner. Helped a member move.

Tuesday we helped a different member move. Ate lunch. Saw Vanessa. Tried to see some people. Went to dinner. Went to institute.

Wednesday we went to Sister Harveys appointment. Helped the member clean. Met with Eric. Tried to see people, set up some appointments. Ate dinner and taught Vanessa. Went on splits and saw Kyle.

Thursday we went to ACS. Ate lunch. Went on Exchanges. Sister Lam and I saw the Crugers. Saw Sister Cordova. Went down to Fremont and saw some people. Ate dinner after exchanging back. Saw the Rasmussens.

Friday we went to Open Heart. Ate lunch. Saw Chenita. Helped a member get bap suit for a 7/8 year old we taught. Saw the Calderias. Had ZTM. Ate dinner. Saw Eric. Saw Dominique.

Saturday we had correlation. Tried to see someone. did weekly planning. Ate lunch. went to the baptism for Jack. Finished weekly planning. Went to dinner. Tried to see people.

Sunday we went to church. Saw the Boucha's. Went to dinner. Saw the Gauthiers and the Lees.

And I cannot believe that I have been out this long. crazy.

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