Friday, September 23, 2016


So I am transferring to Livermore. It's ten minutes away and the YSA
covers that area so I already know the area pretty well. I will be
with Sister Hertig. For those who don't know, that means Sister Rajan
is a two week companion.

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. Ate lunch. Sister
Rajan took a nap. We emailed. Played sports. Went home and ate dinner.
Went to YSA FHE which was the YSA broadcast from Sunday night, and it
was awesome. Elder Cook talked about fear and how to overcome that
with faith.

Tuesday we did studies. Service was interesting, we went to open heart
for an hour then to ACS for an hour - because open heart didn't need
us there were so many volunteers. Ate lunch. Had a lesson with the
Chiltons (7 turning 8). Went contacting, tried to see people (we had
an appointment with someone but they didn't open the door). Saw the
Havards (another 7 turning 8). Went contacting again, found a
potential - not sure how interested she is. . Went to dinner, a YSA
took us to panda. My fortune: "you will be happily surprised by a long
time friend". Yay! :)

Wednesday we did studies. Sister Mella took us shopping for some
things. (Mom I will tell you in another email). Saw the zone leaders
at the mall - one set of elders go contacting there a lot. It was
funny because sister Mella had bought us lunch and we went away for a
little and one of the zone leaders saw sister Mella and the other
thought he was lying about it. I was reminded that I have to apply to
transfer to byu-I if I want to go there next fall. Sister Mella
dropped us back off at home and we went to see someone who had
forgotten about our appointment so we rescheduled. We met with the RSP
of the family Ward. Went to dinner. Taught the McKeowns (a member
family we are teaching to find people - and idea I got from SMCM).
Went contacting at the Bart.

Thursday we went to ACS. Ate lunch. Went contacting. Saw the
Caldeiras. Went to dinner. Went to service for East Bay Stand Down
(helps veterans who fell through the cracks). Sister Hughes asked me
to take pictures of the moon. . xD

Friday we went to open heart. Ate lunch. Did weekly planning. Saw
Connie, whose mom was there because she was moving apartments. Went to
dinner. Saw Eric, who surprisingly read what we had asked him to read.
But still wouldn't commit to come to church.

Saturday was awesome! We helped Connie move apartments, we had the
elders and a YSA to help with the heavy stuff. Connie then bought us
pizza for lunch. We went home to change and get ready. Then we went
with a part member family to tour the visitors center at the temple,
it was amazing! The mom, the non member, was really touched by one of
the videos we watched, one of the new Meet the Mormon movies. We took
pictures outside the temple as well, my favorite part. It was also
really clear across the bay. Drove home. We ate dinner. Saw Raj,
someone from India who invited us over. After planning, sister Rajan
fell asleep while I waited for calls - which came at 10pm. Late. I
then packed most of my things quickly. xD

Sunday was church. Saw the Lees to say goodbye. Dropped by the
Caldeiras, and the Maughans, and the Gauthiers. It was awesome because
I won the jokes apparently. "There is a lot of puns and sarcasm here"
G1 "oh, did you fall into one?" Me (G2 starts laughing) "what?" G1 "a
sarcasm" me. He then realized what I had said and asked if he could
use that and they both said it was the best joke they had ever heard.
Funny, I think I got it from my brother? Maybe? Can't remember where
that came from.

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

a "clear" day

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