Monday, April 4, 2016

Fremont 39-half way!

First: neither of us are transferring, we are both staying here in Fremont!

Sister Hughes calls conference weekend a holiday. xD

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. Emailed. Went to FHE.

Tuesday we had district meeting - yes on the wrong day, but Wednesday
will explain why. Tried to invite people to conference - we made
contacting cards to do so. Got a new former investigator. Her name is
Jacque (say Jackie) and she is amazing. Due to some changes in her
life she is more interested now than she was in the past. We went to

Have I told you how much she loves the rain?

Wednesday we went to the Temple!!! We get to go twice a year around
conference time. :) took pictures! Saw Jacque. Went to ASL class.

Thursday we went to TriCity. Met with Heather. Helped out a member in
a Ward we do not cover, by request. Sister Pimm's daughter is getting
baptized soon, and they wanted the Sisters to answer any questions the
daughter might have had. Met with Jacque. Saw the Stankewitz family.

Friday we went to ACS. Did language study. Did weekly planning. Saw
Jacque. Ate dinner.

Saturday was amazing then. . . Life happened. Started with morning
sports. Went to a members home for the morning session. Then life: we
went to an urgent care to make sure Sister Hughes was okay - she has a
sinus infection. Thankfully, Heather was able to sit with Elder and
Sister DeGroff in one of the buildings for the afternoon session. Did
studies. Ate dinner. Watched the afternoon session with a member.

Sunday went to a members home with Jacque to watch morning session of
conference. Went to a zone lunch which the DeGroffs planned. Watched
the afternoon session at the church. Ate dinner. Did studies.

We had an awesome week! General Conference was amazing!

Sister Kelly

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