Monday, April 25, 2016

week 42 Baptism and 11mo sister

Monday we did the usual laundry, studies, emailing. Tried to take a nap
( which my mother knows I don't really do unless I'm sick. Just can't
nap). Went to Shinn park again to take more pictures - and also
because my mom wanted more pictures of me. We went to ACS to browse,
but everything good we see when we do service there is gone by the
time Monday comes. Who knew? :) although I did get something for
Mother's Day. :) went to a small town in our area to browse antique
stores and Sister Hughes found a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet salt and
pepper set. We heartattacked and got cookies for Jaque. Taught Jaque a quick lesson.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Went to an appointment. Tried to see
a referral. Went to Jaque's. Went to Institute.

Wednesday we all did service at the seniors center, which is why we
had district meeting in Tuesday. Did language study. Ate dinner. Tried
to see people. Saw Sister Briar. Went on splits so Sister Hughes could
go to ASL class and I could go help a member move.

Thursday we did studies. Went to TriCity. Saw Heather. Tried to see
people and got a list from a RS President of more people to try and
see. Saw Jaque. Ate dinner. Tried to see more people and set up an
appointment with our referral.

Friday we did studies and then went to ACS. Saw Jaque. Did language
study. Did weekly planning. Ate dinner. Tried to see people and
received a lot of "I'm not a Mormon anymore"s. Which is always fun.
Not really.

Lisa is 11 months old!!! Ahhh!!

Saturday Jaque was baptized!!!! :D super excited for around a year
from now when I come back to go through the temple with her! Did
service in San Jose, painting a mobile home with habitat for humanity.
Went to dinner. Saw Jaque. Did language study.

Sunday we went to church. Jaque's confirmation was beautiful and I
cried. After church we did studies. Went to dinner. Went to a
fireside. Dropped the baptism record to the ward clerk. Tried to see

And now we are at today! Super excited for the two weeks till Mother's
Day which is also my ten month mark. Not as excited for my 20th
birthday next week. Anyways, my week was awesome.

Love and miss you all as always!


Sister Kelly

zone leaders

jaque and her daughter

Jaque's baptism

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