Monday, April 11, 2016

week 40!

Monday we did the normal laundry, email, shop. Went bowling. Played
cards and gaterball. Went to dinner. Went to FHE. Had a cupcake 'war'
- decorating cupcakes quickly in teams.

Tuesday was service at Shinn Park - which Sis Hughes would like to
take over as her own someday. Maybe. Had apartment inspections. Did
language study. Did more service, Drivers for Survivors (driving
cancer patients to appointments). Went to Jacque's lesson. Went to

Wednesday we had district meeting. Went to Viola Blythe. Did language
Study. Received some blessings. Went to dinner. Went to ASL. Tried to
see people - and found a spider in the car. I really freaked out. . .

Thursday went to TriCity. Ate lunch with Sister Harvey and Sister
Palmer (my trainer is my STL for her last transfer!!! :D ). Did
language study. Went to Heather's lesson. Went finding. Ate dinner.
Went to Jacque's lesson. The coordinating sisters came.

Friday we had waffles with the coordinating sisters. We went to ACS.
Ate lunch. Did language study. Saw Jacque. Tried to see people.
Coordinated with elders. Tried to see Skylare. Saw the Stankewitz'.

Saturday we went to the stake just serve project for the 50th
celebration and the after bbq thing. Found baptismal clothing for a
member whose daughter is getting baptized soon. Did weekly planning.
Ate dinner. Saw sister McJunkins. Had correlation.

Sunday was church. Jacque came to church! Horray! Her potential date
is the 30th! We met with Stacy with the Spanish Elders, because they
had been teaching her but now life so they are slightly giving her to
us. Did language study. Went to dinner, where we had an awesome role
play with the members about tithing and fasting and donating fast
offerings. If was great! Then we did studies.

Awesome things that happened. My sister who is 10 months old took her
first singular steps on Sunday.

I have been on my mission for nine months. It is crazy and I do not
know how time has gone so fast, but somehow it has and I am halfway
through my mission.

Love and miss you all!


Sister Kelly

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