Wednesday, April 20, 2016

week 41 Lisa and STEPP

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went to San Jose because we had
some missionaries keys which they really needed, so we dropped it off
at the mission office. Went shopping. Emailed. Went and took pictures
at Shinn Park. Went to Jacque's. Went to FHE.

Tuesday we went to Shinn park. Went to ACS. Ate lunch. Did language
study. Tried to see people. Met with Stacy. Went to institute.

Wednesday we did language study. We went to ACS. Ate lunch. I was
asked to sing in a fireside on Sunday so we went to practice at a
members for that. Went to Jacque's. Went to dinner. Went to ASL class.

Thursday we did language study. We went to San Jose for an
appointment.  Went contacting to invite people to the fireside. Has
Heathers lesson.,met with Jacque. Ate dinner. Saw Sister McJunkin.

Friday did studies at the church so I could practice my part. Started
weekly planning. Had interviews with President Mella. Finished weekly
planning. Made flyers of Jacque's baptism. Finished the lessons with
Jacque. Went to dinner. Found baptismal clothing for a member. Saw the
Stankewitz'. Met with the Oldroyds.

Had ZTM. Did studies. Practiced. Went contacting to invited more people to Jacque's baptism and found a potential family. Ate dinner. Had correlation.

Sunday we went to church. Jacque had her baptismal interview. She is
getting baptized on the 23rd!!!! :) did studies. A member invited us
and Jacque to dinner. Went to the fireside. I sang "Savior, Redeemer
of My Soul".

All in all it was a great week. :) also the title is only for fun
because Lisa is almost walking and I am sharing my March STEPP talk.

"This month the topic is baptism and ordinances. At first I had no
idea what to do or how to use this topic so I studied for a couple of
days and at Zone Conference decided I should probably get started.

The Preach my Gospel says that "an ordinance is a sacred ceremony or
rite that shows that we have entered into a covenant with God." When
we entered into the covenant of baptism, we promised to always
remember Him, keep His commandments, and take upon us His name. And He
has promised in return that we would always have His Spirit to be with

In the Bible Dictionary on baptism it says "Baptism in water has
several purposes. It is for the remission of sins, for membership in
the Church, and for entrance into the celestial kingdom; it is also
the doorway to personal sanctification when followed by the reception
of the Holy Ghost." Elder and Sister DeGroff were teaching a lesson in
their Institute class on the Plan of Salvation a while back. When they
were talking about the Celestial Kingdom, they mentioned that to get
into the first degree of the Celestial Kingdom one must be baptized,
to get into the second one must be baptized and endowed, and to get
into the third one must be baptized, endowed, and sealed in the
Temple. I found this really interesting because for either of the
second and third we must be keeping our covenants made at baptism,
adding on as we continually progress closer to our Heavenly Father.
Because we must keep our baptismal covenants to be endowed, and must
be keeping both of those to be sealed. In 3 Nephi 11:33 it says "And
whoso believeth in me, and is baptized, the same shall be saved; and
they are they who shall inherit the kingdom of God."

We know that by keeping all of our covenants with God we will inherit
the Kingdom of God. He has given us the that promise, and we know we
can trust that as we do our part, He will do His. In one of the talks
we were asked to read for Zone Conference, "Ordinances and Covenants",
Elder Dennis B Neuenschwander said "Sacred ordinances are ordained of
God. They are essential to our salvation and exaltation. Through the
sacred ordinances of the gospel, we learn of His kingdom and learn of
Him, we enter into holy and eternal covenants, and we receive an
endowment of divine power in our lives. All of these things bring us
to Christ that we may be perfected in Him."

Although I do not remember much of my baptism, I do remember that when
I came up out of the water I was smiling. I knew the covenants I had
made. I knew that as I kept these covenants, I could be with my family
forever and always have the Holy Ghost to be with me. Another quote
from the Bible Dictionary says that "baptism is a most sacred
ordinance, which a person, having received it, can remember throughout
life as a reminder of the personal commitment to Jesus Christ."

My little sister Abigail turned eight and was baptized by my sixteen
year old brother, Raymond, this past January. Because I am here, I was
unable to be there for that experience, but I know that Abi has made
this covenant with God called baptism, and that as she goes throughout
her life she will b grateful of that covenant. Elder Neuenschwander
said "Baptism opens the door to the kingdom of God, through which one
now not only passes cleanly but with a sure knowledge that God
forgives. The same can be said of all other sacred ordinances of the
gospel. Over time and with obedience, we progress into the ordinances
of the temple, where our convictions are strengthened that our most
precious relationships are not affected by death. This knowledge we
receive by participating in the ordinances that are meant to teach us
such things." As my little sister continues in righteousness, she and
I will have the opportunity to be with our Father in Heaven again.

Another quote from Elder Neuenschwander says "The sacred ordinances of
the gospel as requirements for salvation and exaltation were
“instituted from before the foundation of the world.” They have always
been an immutable part of the gospel." The ordinances of the gospel
always have and always will be a part of Christ's church. He will
always provide a way for us to enter into His kingdom.

In John 3:5 is says "Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee,
except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into
the kingdom of God." It is a commandment that we are baptized even as
He was, and if we do not keep that covenant we will not be blessed by
His Presence. We long to go back to Him, and the covenants we have
made here on earth will be that way back, as long as we keep the
covenants and are righteous. In his talk "Come Unto Me", President
Henry B Eyring said "By His words and His example, Christ has shown us
how to draw closer to Him. Every child of Heavenly Father who has
chosen to enter through the gate of baptism into His Church will have
the opportunity in this life to be taught His gospel and to hear from
His called servants His invitation, “Come unto me.”" The main thing is
that our Savior Jesus Christ wants us to come unto Him - and baptism
has a huge part in helping that happen.

I know that as I have kept my covenants with my Father in Heaven I
have been blessed with the Holy Ghosts presence in my life. I have
been blessed by the knowledge of the atonement because without it I
would not be where I am today. I testify that what I have said is
true, and I promise that we will be with our Father in Heaven if we
keep all of the covenants we have made. In the name of Jesus Christ,

Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelly

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