Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Freemont 38

Monday after finishing the things we mostly wrote letters and napped.
Went to dinner. Went to FHE.

Tuesday we went to Shinn park. Did language study. Went to get a piece
of the car back where it was supposed to be - cabin filter had come
off somehow? Went finding. Had a lesson with Lesly. Went to institute.

Wednesday and Thursday we were sick, so we got medicine and rested.

Friday we went to ACS. Did language study. Did weekly planning. Went to dinner.

Saturday we did studies. Saw Heather, who was a referral from some
sisters in the Santa Rosa mission, she is amazing. Went to ACS. Went
to the amazing women's broadcast. Made dinner calendars.

Sunday we went to all the church. Elder and Sister DeGroff asked us to
sing at a nursing home sacrament they hold. Saw Bhoomi. Went to
dinner. Did studies.

Easter was amazing! Always is. There was a thing we "heard" in the ASL
sacrament about the eggs and the bunnies. The eggs represent new life,
like Christ rising from the tomb, and in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs
bunnies symbolized eternal life.  I thought that was cool.

SO next week on Saturday and Sunday is something to look forward to!
General Conference, where the Prophets and Apostles of the Church
speak to the entire world! I invite all of you to watch it! Because it
will definitely be amazing!

Love and miss you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Kelly

My companion got these necklaces for us!

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