Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Freemont 36

Almost everyday this week has been raining. So. 

Monday we did laundry and studies. Went shopping. ate lunch. cleaned our car. emailed. did zone things, mostly sports. ate dinner. tried to visit people.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was awesome and long. Afterwards we went on exchanges. I was with Sis Harvey in Pleasonton. We had permission to watch the YA Face to Face with the YSA they serve in and the house was out of the mission in Alamo Ca. 

Wednesday we visited a new investigator. Ate lunch. Saw a recent convert. tried to visit more people. Went to help some amazing people - the Coopers! They were called to serve as Mission President and Wife of the Florida Tampa Mission and needed help with preparation for that. So we helped them roleplay and it was fun. Then we went to dinner at a really funny house, kindof reminded me of our family at home. Except only the mom and one kid were home. Yeah. Went to open the church for a member and give a tour of the building - but then the person who wanted a tour rescheduled. Drove down to fremont to exchange. Went to the end of ASL class. Found a new investigator.

Thursday we went to TriCity. Followed up with a member on something we asked them to do - fast and pray for someone to potentially take to The Lamb of God performance. Ate lunch. did Language Study. Went finding, had a lesson with Lesly. had a lesson with Queenie. went to dinner. no one showed up to bible study so we went to visit a member (where the pictures of the adorable children come from). 

Friday we did ACS (we moved it to Fridays so we had afternoons on thursdays). Ate lunch. did language Study. Did weekly Planning. Went to dinner. Went to youth sports - we played jurasic park and there were seven youth and PARENTS were there we were grateful for the parents!

Saturday we did studies. Went to the ASL Relief Society thing. Went finding. Finished weekly planning. ate dinner. went to correlation.

Sunday we had church. I was on splits again (in YW's) and sister hughes was at ASL. Went to try and visit people. Saw Sister Payne. Saw Bhoomi. Went to dinner. did studies. 

ALSO there is an amazing thing that everyone needs to watch and SHARE on social media and EVERY WHERE, EVERY TIME, EVERY PLACE!!!!!!! #HALLELUJAH It is AWESOME. Also watch it a lot. And seriously, share it!

Love you all!!

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