Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Freemont 37-Happy Easter!

Lots of things happened this week. Family back home went camping - it
was the 10month olds first camping trip!

Monday we did laundry, emailed, went shopping. Had a zone bbq and
played sports. Sister Hughes and I got trims. Went to FHE where the
desert was of course pie 3.14 etc.

Tuesday was Zone Training. This time it was Easter themed and we had
an Easter egg hunt. The stake president spoke to us. After that we
went finding at parks (that means we walk around parks and talk to
people). Did language study. Tried to visit a potential. Ate dinner.
Went to young women's because there is a returning young women we see
who was going. Saw the potential, now new investigator.

Wednesday we had studies. Tried again to see the new person. Went to
Viola Blythe. Did language study. Did some finding. Went to dinner. A
returned missionary had come back to visit and that was fun. We were
asked to sing in one of the wards on Sunday and so went to a members
to practice for that.

Thursday we studied at the church so we could practice parts more.
Went to TriCity. More practicing at the members. Ate lunch. Did
language study. Did some finding. Ate dinner. Set up appointments
while trying to see people. Saint Pattricks day!

Friday we studied at the church again so as to practice more. Went to
ACS. Ate lunch. Did language study. Went to practice with the member.
Taught Lesly. Went to dinner. Had a correlation.

Saturday was morning sports. Did studies. Practiced again. Did
language study. Ate lunch. Did weekly planning. Ate dinner. Tried to
see people. Got gas. Practiced a little more before correlation.

Sunday we practice for the last time. Went to church and sang in
sacrament. Went on splits to YW again while sister Hughes went to ASL.
Did personal study. Had a quick lesson with Lesly. Saw Bhoomi. Her dad
invited us inside and gave us Indian food. My tongue literally felt
like it was burning off. We gave the rest of the food to The Elders we
cocover with (because Elder Dias served in india for a time and we did
not want the very hot food!). Went to dinner, after which the member
gave us each a copy of her families cookbook!!! Finished studies. I
had been feeling sick most of the day so we went to bed, then
remembered that the elders were going to call for numbers so we texted
the numbers to them but they still called.

We had a good week.

Love and miss you all!!

Sister Kelly

These are our zone leaders! They are seriously awesome!

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