Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Freemont 21

Hello all! I have made it through my first transfer to a different area.

Monday we did the normal p-day stuff: shopping, emailing, etc. Sister
Unga wanted to go clothes shopping so we did that - I got a black
skirt. I insisted that we have a zone picture - because I somehow had
not taken one. The Watsonville Elders couldn't come, so it was our
district and the Watsonville sisters. We went to the Martins and I got
some oils samples.  :) we went to FHE and played volleyball and
basketball. I finished packing - easy as I packed most of it when I
got the call!

Tuesday I was so nervous that we got there an hour and fifteen minutes
early . . . . So. We went and did language study at a park. And I am
now in Fremont! Which is near the top of the mission. We have two
wards, C and G but we serve in the other wards by
invitation. My companion is Sister Smith (she was "born" {trained} in
SC as well) and literally her old companion and I just switched
places. Also we are basically the only sister missionaries in the
Zone. The other missionaries are Elder Champagne, Elder Pettingill,
Elder DeGroff and Sister DeGroff, Elder Handy (he plays the piano
well), Elder Feller-zl, Elder Wei and Elder Chen (Chinese?), Elder
Brown-Spanish-zl, Elder Wilson-district leader-Spanish, Elder
Twitchell-training, Elder Schiss-trainee (or baby if you use mission
lingo. Your "trainer" is your "mom" or "dad" and the trainee is a
"baby" - and yes we are super weird). The DeGroffs teach institute.

Wednesday we did a Zone Study - it was awesome. So basically we all go
to the church at 8 and do our personal study then at 9 do comp study
as a zone. It was really fun. We had district meeting. The question
was "What Disney character would you want as your companion?" The
questions are all focused on Disney - for some odd reason ;). Tried to
go to a service but it was closed. Went to see Sister Hoskins. She is
the mom here and she is awesome. Had a "meet the Mormons" movie night
with the institute.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING! We went to see a wedding - because she
called and said "you're going to be there, right?" So we went. Ate a
good turkey dinner at a members home. Played some zone sports later in
the day - because not everyone could do the turkeybowl, so.

Friday we did service at ACS - a cute thrift store.

Saturday we played morning sports with the zone. It's what we do for
exercise every Saturday. Had a coordination meeting with Elders Feller
and Handy because they serve in the same wards as us. We tried to
visit people.

Sunday we went to church. Hooray. Five hours instead of eight. xD sat
by a darling little eight month old in Sunday school. :)

And there are 26 days till Christmas!! Ahh! :) hope all the holidays
and birthdays go well! Four of my siblings have birthdays in December,
of course. xD

Love Sister Kelly

Elders Champagne, Schiss, Twitchell, and Pettingill. Sister Smith and I. 

And we can get on the computers - some of the elders got a key. 

Sister Kelly

This is Caramel, sister Hoskins dog with Sister Smith and I. 

So today we were helping someone move and we got to talking about how I am the oldest of eleven and so talked about how many siblings everyone else had and one said he only had two so another said "are you lds?"

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  1. Hello! Enjoy your new area! Way back in the late 1970's, in the Italy Padova Mission, we used the same missionary terms: born, mom, dad, etc. It's a fun way to do it!
    love, Debby and Bil Little