Monday, November 23, 2015

Santa Cruz week 20

Hello everyone!! This is the time - to be THANKFUL. Thanksgiving is on thursday - isn't that super weird??

Monday was the beach and Sister Unga got sick because she didn't take a sweater. Also Sushi. Bleh.

Tuesday we rested so that Sister Unga could recover. She received a blessing. Our dinner appointment brought us food, which was really nice of them and they didn't have to - but they did.

Wednesday was much of the same - "resting" (because cleaning is resting, right? at least for Sister Unga) and me reading most of the day. I started the Book of Mormon over again and am in 1 Nephi, and am reading the bible and am in Deuteronomy.

Thursday we saw Glenna. Saw Midge and taught her half of lesson 4. Ate dinner with the Stake President and his wife - who is the institute teacher. Saw Krystal. Ran into the C Elders while driving home - not literally.

Friday we went to get the car checked. Saw Midge and taught the last bit of lesson 4. Did weekly planning. Ate dinner with Midge - the ward she's in was doing their thanksgiving dinner and and we wanted her to meet people.

Saturday I did not feel good. We did service for Elva. Saw Raven. Sister Unga put in the address of a less active - and almost took us to LA!!!! xD Ate dinner at the Hickens - and the C Elders were there as well. They shared the message - about charity. I'M TRANSFERRING!!!!!!!!! And packed in 45 minutes.

Sunday my little darling Lisa turned six months old! :) went to all eight hours of our meetings. Met with a new investigator named Rachael. We were late to dinner.

So I'm transferring. And I don't find out where until tomorrow, so you don't find out till next week.

I will miss all the people, but if I'm needed somewhere else who am I to say no to God? I'm both excited and nervous - there is my nervoucited - and sad about leaving but I know that wherever I go it will be awesome. :)
So I decided to do something fun - here are my holiday memories, Thanksgiving and Christmas. :)

I remember that we used to go to the Kelly Grandparents house a lot.
Not just on holidays. Ice cream was always had after dinner. Rummy was


I don't know when I became the pie maker - but for as long as I can
remember that's what I've been. Usually I make pumpkin pie and we bake
a razzleberry pie (because its daddy's favorite) sometimes we have
apple pie, maybe. I remember one time when I made a pumpkin pie out of
a real pumpkin - with lots of help from mom - and then refused to eat
any of it. We always have turkey and mashed potatoes and turkey gravy
and mom's crescent rolls. And pie and ice cream for desert.


I love our Christmas traditions.
Number one is that we have a Christmas story book that helps with the
count down, you read a story and scripture and sing a certain
Christmas song for each night. Can I still be involved in that?

Number two is that we open one present on Christmas Eve - pajamas! And
for the past couple years the shirts of those pajamas have been
painted by Natalie. We've had wolves and dragons and I know I'm
forgetting. . . . Why have we not had owls yet? Then we would have had
all of her favorites. xD and the last story in the book is of course
the best - the story of Christ's birth, from Luke, read on Christmas

Christmas morning is sloooow. The kids are all usually up by or before
six - usually I can't sleep at all so I am up way before six. Mom had
to make a rule - stockings have to be opened after six. We started
getting books outside of the stockings though - so usually I would be
found already reading mine. :) Then we wait till dad wakes up -
usually eight or later, as he was up late the night before - and
starts breakfast, which sometimes changes but is usually eggs,
sausage, bacon, and toast. Then we start the process of opening
presents. A kid is designated as the present picker and is told to

Sushi. She said that if I didn't eat her Sushi I didn't love her. I DO but I CAN'T EAT IT. 

When we almost went to LA

by age - starting with the youngest and going on up. That of
course takes awhile, seeing as there are a lot of us. ;) then everyone
plays with their new things, and we try to do family things.

I remember one Christmas - I cannot remember which year it was. We
were living in Spanish Fork, UT. We had been having problems with mice
and so had been begging and begging for a cat. Unbeknownst to the
kids, mom and dad got one from some neighbor friends. So . . . .  I
woke up at four and found a cat wandering around the living room. Of
course this cat wasn't ours, so how did it get inside?? Being me, I
let it out. In the cold and snow. I went back downstairs and had
immediate doubts - so I went back up to find her scratching at the
door and let her in. Once everyone else had woken up I asked to make
sure she was ours - she was - and then told my story. I think we woke
other people up from the laughter. The cat was named Fuzzy and became
Natalie's cat - because Fuzzy would not leave her lap. All of the cats
we have now are descendants of Fuzzy. And counting them all - dead or
alive or have run away - we've had close to 60 I think. Maybe more.
All from that one cat.

Winter memories - we would go sledding down the small hill in our
backyard. Or we would go past the fence and sled down the large hill
and get in trouble because it was private property. Or there was the
hill we went down with Uncle David's family - that was a huge hill and
lots of people were usually there. I remember that when it got cold we
would use the heating vents - grab a blanket and put our feet under it
with the blanket over the vent so that we got all the heat. I also
remember fighting over who got the best spots. xD I seem to remember
that one time the Hele cousins came down for a little one winter - to
experience snow? - and that was lots of fun, although we had trouble
trying to find enough mittens and snow pants for everyone.

Love to all!! :) 


Sister Kelly

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