Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Santa Cruz week 17

Well this week I took a lot of pictures. Sorry. About 100?

Monday We had dinner with an awesome family whose daughter went out
about a week and a half ago to the MTC - Toronto Canada, Spanish
speaking. We carved pumpkins at FHE.

Tuesday was district meeting. The questions was " if you could be some
kind of donut or bagel what would you be?". We had lunch, did sister
Unga's language study and then we went contacting - got two street
lessons, but I don't think they'll turn into anything. Had dinner with
the family of the choir director.

Wednesday we had some member lessons - the OB Ward mission leader
thought it would be a good idea to teach the lessons to the members so
we are teaching the sisters and the elders are teaching the brothers.
So we saw Sophia (she is awesome getting married November 14th in the
Oakland temple - I am invited but have to ask President Mella. She has
only one family member who is able to go into the sealing room and her
fiancé has none - they've been inviting a lot of members and us
missionaries). Went contacting and ran into some members. Saw Audrey
(another member). Had dinner at
the Kings (she is an awesome chef!). Saw Krystal and that was

This is Elder Thorkelson. He is our district leader. he lost his leg to bone cancer.

This is my new scarf thing from the package.

Little bo peep and her sheep

We are weird

FHE with the young single adults

Thursday we were going to do a long service - but the plans fell
through. we saw Glenna and Renée. Tried to find OB people. Saw Nanci
Jo. Saw Brenda. Helped set up for the trunk or treat.

Friday we did our soup kitchen service. The sister ap's came for a
chat. I let sister Harward borrow my camera. . . . AHH! She sent me
the pictures off of my camera that I had already taken and I will get
it back next Friday. We got ready for then went to the Halloween
party/trunk or treat. We got a referral from a member - the member
doesn't live in our area but the referral does - and she seems

Saturday we did weekly planning. Ate lunch then did language study. I
got a package from Grandma! I have a new skirt, shawl, and got snack bars and rainbow
goldfish crackers. :D We got a referral and gave a different referral a Bible - but she also
seems interested. Had dinner at a small dinner party. . . And sister
Unga accidentally tripped and scraped up her knee. Ouch.

Sunday did all of our church meetings. . . Bleh. Long. Fasting. Break
the fast was at the McArthurs and then we visited with Sister
McArthur. Went to choir.

And that was my week! It was long and stressful at times but hey. It
was fun. And although Saturday was super hard - I got a box and an
email from Lyd with notes from the fam. :) those emails really do mean
a lot to us missionaries!

Love and miss you all!

Enjoy all the pictures. . . .

Sister Kelly

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