Tuesday, November 17, 2015

santa cruz 19

This week was semi awesome semi not.

Monday we did our normal p-day stuff: laundry, emailing, groceries. Then we went to San Jose and went shopping with Sister Mella! :) I GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!!! :D we played live clue in FHE. Found out some sad news.

Tuesday was district meeting - and right before we started I got an email saying that Sister Shorter (back home in mission bend) died monday night. So I cried while talking about the white handbook training I was in charge of. We played a guessing game - one companion guesses things they think they know about their companion - and it was especially funny because two of the elders were sick so the two who were there on exchange were not companions. We visited some people. Went to institute.

Wednesday we saw Renee. We met with our investigator Midge - her date was changed to the 5th of december. Tried to meet with people, and then finally met a less active and her family. Had dinner at the Kings. Read with Sister McArthur.

Thursday we tried to see Glenna - but the kids had strep. Visited the Lopes - the selfie of me and a little girl, shes one of theirs. Saw Nanci Jo. Saw Tanya. Had dinner with Sister Pearson.

Friday we tried to fix the area book app on our ipads - and found out we would have to delete the app and then reinstal or go somewhere other than LDSAcess wifi. Saw Midge. After lunch sister Unga didn't feel well, so she took a nap. We helped sister Massey - our only service of the week. She is such a nice old lady! Ate dinner with the Weavers. Saw Brenda.

Saturday we did weekly planning. Got ready for then went to Sophia's wedding reception - they were so late they got there when we were leaving. I was lucky to get some pictures of them - which I really wanted. :) We went to the baptism in Sister Unga's old area - because she had a hand in teaching him all the lessons. He was late to his baptism. lol.

Sunday was Stake Conference. Elder Rafael Pino of the Seventy was the closing speaker. It was awesome - Elder Barbosa translated because elder Pino wanted to speak in spanish. He talked about the importance of FHE, family prayer, family scripture study, and telling the people in our family that we love them - DAILY. :) Visited someone in the OB. Our dinner was sick - but still wanted to feed us!! They left us food on the porch! Stew, bread, and brownies. YUM.

TODAY we went to the beach. From 11-3:30. TOO LONG. Also it was cold. For FHE they are making Sushi. bleh.

I hope everyones week went okay! Love and miss you all. <3 :="" nbsp="" p="">

Sister Kelly

Sister Unga and Sister Puckrus

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