Monday, November 9, 2015

Santa Cruz week 18

Monday we did normal p-day stuff. Laundry, emailing, errands. For FHE we tried to play volleyball - most of the time was taken up by us "fixing" the net. xD SOOOOO broken. lol

Tuesday we went on an exchange. We had district meeting - the entire Zone was there (except Sister Unga) because we needed to talk about some. . . issues the zone has been having. We saw Glenna. Went contacting at one of the college's - which I had never thought to do before but duh - and got some potentials. We had dinner with the Martins and Sister Martin and her daughter danced for us it was adorable. Then we saw Raven - her mom is more the less active but is always working so we never catch her. 

Wednesday we saw Renee. I cut Sister Unga's hair - she insisted - then she dyed it. We went and visited a less active missionary mom who is awesome and it was her daughters p-day so she was emotional. We had dinner at the Wentworths. We saw Krystal - it took alllllllll evening. :D which we are okay with. 

Thursday we did service for Elva. Had interviews with President - which are ALWAYS good. :) We got a referral. Tried to see one of the potentials found on tuesday - we had a lesson with her and set up an appointment but she wasn't anywhere to be found. We visited Tanya and her son. They have an adorable kitten. :) Had dinner at Brenda's - mom she wanted me to ask: Have we ever had corn beef??? 

Friday was ALL service. Seriously. Soup kitchen and the we went and did bag check at the homeless connect. :)

Saturday we met the referral - her name is Midge. :) She is sooooooo amazing. Her story is too. On her moms side there are a lot of members, she went with her mom to church in our main building here (a long time ago and was never baptized), her daughter is a member and married in the temple. Earlier this year she says she was saved by God. She has been calling and dropping by the church - but on days when no one is there. So she gave her card to some gardeners at one of our buildings telling them to give it to missionaries because she wanted to be baptized and we got the referral. The first words out of her mouth when we saw her "how soon can I be baptized?". SO her date is either the 28th or the 29th depending on whether or not she goes to church while in hawaii on the 22 for thanksgiving. We are meeting with her tiwce this next week and same the week after - so we can finish her lessons by then. We saw Audrey. Ate at the Harris'. 

Sunday Midge came to church. The wentworths signed up last minute for dinner - which was good, we didn't have one. We went to choir. 

While at interviews I talked to President Mella about the wedding and he said it would be a good idea to stick to the preset - which is we don't go to member weddings, we only go if it is a recent convert of ours or an investigator. :) So we will. 

Might not be pictures - they are all on my i-pad and it's being picky about everything. So. xD

Might go shopping with Sister Mella later. :) Sister Unga needs some more skirts and sweaters. IT IS COLD. AND RAINING.

Love and miss you all! :) 

4 months yesterday so - sister Unga insisted. 

Yes we took pictures with Brenda's brownies. They were adorable!

Sister Leavitt and I at the end of exchanges. 
Sister Kelly

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