Monday, December 14, 2015

Freemont 23

Monday was awesome. After emailing we went bowling as a zone, which
was lots of fun. We went to dinner at a young family's home and they
did FHE with us. We got home to find that the Spanish elders were
having dinner with a member in our apartment complex, so we decorated
their car. . . .and helped clean it up after watching their reaction
from behind some bushes. :)

Tuesday was my five month mark. I can't believe it. Somehow I've been
out that long. We had our zone training this morning from 11-3:30. It
was long, but split in parts and awesome. For the first half, E. Handy
and Wilson taught a short lesson about contacting and then we went
contacting for an hour - because the zone leaders were setting up the
second half, which was focused on Christ. They set up the seminary
tables and took some decorations from a Ward bulletin board and
decorated the tables. They borrowed a nativity set from a member. They
wrote each member of the zone a short letter thanking them for
contributing to the mission and zone. Sis Smith and I taught the
lesson. It was beautiful. After that we went to visit the Wood family
- the dad is less active because of work and the rest are non members
totally willing to be members, they just need to come to church. Went
to Institute. We had enchiladas for dinner and watched the John tanner
story and talked about the kirtland temple.

Wednesday was awesome. We had zone studies. There were few zone people
there, just us and the Spanish elders and the Irvington elders. We
talked about emergency preparedness and did role plays. We did service
at Viola Blythe. We had dinner a little early, then went to the temple
with Sis Hoskins because an investigator was going up. The lights were
up on temple grounds and the skyline was clear enough that we could
see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Also sorry, no pictures
of that till next week because we are unable to go on a computer.

Thursday we cleaned our car and did service at ACS. I got a Christmas
letter from a cousin - and sorry Seth, I would send one back but I
don't have enough stamps. Next year though. . . . xD

Friday was Zone Conference - the reason we cleaned our car. We were
there from 11-4:30. It was fun and President Mella was an investigator
in a role play. :)

Saturday was my darling little sister Rachel's third birthday. :) I
spent most of the day gushing about her and showing pictures to any
members we saw. We went to a Christmas party for a Ward we are not in. We were asked to
sing, but sis smith tried to get us out of it and so that is how I
ended up singing a solo for a Ward we aren't in. xD "Love Knows No
Borders" by Sally DeFord.

Sunday we went to sacrament and Ward councils then went home so sis
smith could rest - because she was sick. Then we went to help with a
sacrament meeting at a rest home. Then off to see the beautiful temple
hill choir concert.

I don't think this upcoming week will be as busy. :) although, there
are two important events in my family. . . . xD

Also I've been in my second area for about three weeks. Ahh!

Can't wait till Christmas!

Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelly

Somehow we are lined up by height. . . 

I hope we all spend some time contemplating the gift in the manger.

We all blocked Spanish in. 

Sis. Smiths actually indestructible fort. :) We were playing dodge ball. 
The Elders' fort

Zone p-day-bowling

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