Monday, December 28, 2015

Freemont 24

Monday was a sisters pday with Sister Mella at our stake presidents
house. It was all about etiquette and manners. Then we emailed while
playing board games with the zone. We visited a recent convert.

Tuesday we went to Shinn park service. It was fun. We went to institute.

Wednesday we had zone studies then district meeting. District meeting
question "what is your favorite Christmas tradition?" Went to viola
Blythe. Visited some referrals. Went to a relief society dinner thing
than to bible study.

Thursday we went to Sis Hoskins. Went to ACS service. It was my amazing parents
anniversary. :)

Friday we had a lesson but it got cancelled. So we planned with some
elders we are co teaching with. Dinner was at one of the bishops
houses. Had a small youth sports night. Lydia turned 14 and is now
able to go to church dances.

Saturday we had zone sports with a random homeless guy who wanted to
get warm. Measured how tall a table was with sis smith. xD There was a
zone breakfast at the stake presidents house which was fun. Although
we were surprisingly the first ones there - usually the zone leaders
are there first but nope. All the elders were late. We helped a member
move and destroyed a couch. :) we had dinner with the bible study
group. Then we had a zone prayer about Sunday.

Sunday was the day where. . . Let me start from the beginning. Before
I arrived in this area, the zone leaders and Pres Mella and the stake
president were in a meeting discussing the numbers for the upcoming
months. There was a typo. Instead of 80 at sacrament for the month, it
was 80 for the week. President Mella said the number was inspired, so
the zone prayed about it and dec 20th was decided as the day. We ended
up with 42, which was very good. The members stepped up and it was the
day of the Christmas programs. One of the wards primary gave us and
the elders we co cover with bags of food and necessities like
toothpaste for Christmas. Also found out that the son of one of the
bishops was in the same mission as my cousin Amanda and he said he
knew her!

I am super excited for this upcoming Christmas week! There is a
mission Christmas Eve party and talent show  and white elephant gift
exchange (which is lining up to be hilarious) and on Christmas we get
to talk to our families. :) my district is planning on going caroling
to our investigators. The church's Christmas initiative is amazing and
I could watch it over and over - if you haven't seen it, you should!

Merry Christmas!

Sister Kelly

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